Ancient Puturum High Flying Kisleev Harpy Mage Ancient Relic Power Stone Junk Golem Hexe Marie Golem Summoning Stone Hexe Marie Advanced Altar of Training Ancient Vicious Mind of Mortal Sin Petra Barcha Joanne Dominica Berna Asmograng Tutuka Vodkhan Tanco Elten Asmograng Francesca Stephani Laytenn Core Syaki Man of Steel Man of Fortitude Brodie Kunga Mutant Wandering Giant Nerman Nerman Restless Soul Poacher Poacher Poacher Calpheon Shrine Guardian Lord of Corruption Sealing Stone Calpheon Shrine Warrior Calpheon Shrine Priestess Calpheon Shrine Elite Warrior Calpheon Shrine Elite Wizard Giant Boar Giant Elk Emperor Elephant Emperor Elephant Wolf Giant Wolf Giant Fox Giant Brown Bear Giant Lioness Giant Lion Giant Bison Giant Mountain Goat King Brown Bear Weasel Raccoon Seagull Wolf Mischievous Raccoon Boss Wolf King Brown Bear Small Humpback Whale Giant Fox Giant Wolf Giant Brown Bear White Wolf King Brown Bear White Wolf King Brown Bear Lakiaro Lakiaro Lakiaro Lakiaro Lakiaro Young Lakiaro for Research Thin Lakiaro for Research Thick Lakiaro for Research High Quality Lakiaro for Research Primitive Lakiaro for Research Drieghan Male Goat Drieghan Female Goat Llama Yak [Event] Mutant Lakiaro [Event] Mutant Lakiaro Lakiaro Lakiaro Belladonna Elephant Gazelle Feather Wolf Black Leopard Ferrica Ferrina Baby Belladonna Elephant Phnyl Kamasylvia Weasel King Griffon King Griffon Phnyl Phnyl Phnyl Phnyl Sensitive Giant Elk Sensitive Giant Seagull Sensitive Giant Seagull_Party Leader Red Scar Sensitive Giant Elk Kamasylvia Weasel Sensitive Griffon Shepherd Boy Sheep Pudge Pudge Wolf Feather Wolf Phnyl Big Bad Wolf Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Shepherd Boy Nineshark Nineshark Supreme Warrior Elite Valkyrie Customs and Border Potection Senior Officer Barricade Command Post [Node] Square Fort Supply Depot Defense Tower Indomitable Flag Cadria Elephant Outer Gate Inner Gate Flame Tower Hwacha