Demibeast Wizard Catfishman Light-armored Warrior Catfishman Elite Fisher Horn Chimera (Not in Use) Shepherd Serendia Mountain Goat Calpheon Angry Protester Treant Spirit Giant Fighter Medium-sized Glutoni Mutant Glutoni Red Bear Surrendered Khuruto Elite Soldier Surrendered Khuruto Soldier Dead Rhino Lizard Dead Iguana Demibeast Chief Warrior Young Treant Saunil Charger Demibeast Warrior Demibeast Super Warrior Demibeast Bandsman Mad Screaming Harpy Rhutum Elite Wizard Helm Big Axe Helm Two-Axe Warrior Rhutum Guard Rhutum Sheriff Red Orc Guard Red Orc Sentinel Ferrid Tio Saunil Guard Mediah Giant Rogue Ferrid Tuny Petrifying Bomber Mediah Monk Elric Follower Mediah Monk Wizard Mediah Monk Assassin Mediah Monk Giant Stone Hole Spider Tiny Stone Hole Spider Stone Crab Stone Hole Worm Rhutum Elite Archer Mature Rock Spirit Rock Head Bison Petrifying Dwarf Queen Stoneback Crab Black Harpy Elite Calpheon Shadow Knight Calpheon Shadow Wizard Calpheon Shadow Guard Mad Screaming Saunil Petrifying Foreman Petrifying Berserk Miner Thief Leader Pirate Watchtower Saunil Watchtower Arena Bamboo Spear Triangle Ruins Tree Bandit Large Watchtower Multiple Firing Wagon Wagon Impact Ballista Impact Cobweb 2 Orc Large Cauldron Orc Mushroom Brazier Rhutum Barricade Pirate Flag Pirate Treasure Chest Unidentified Cauldron Saunil Amulet Saunil Hatchery Khuruto Food Depot Saunil Barracks Junk Pile Cron Castle Watchtower Cron Castle Flag Cron Castle Barracks Giant Cooking Table Red Orc Shamanic Cauldron Harpy Nest Damaged Handcart Giant Sculpture Stable Stable_1 Troll Barricade Collapsed Rocks Box Arrow Ballista Cron Castle Supply Cron Castle Barricade Calpheon Shrine Warrior Calpheon Shrine Wizard Calpheon Shrine Priestess Elite Shadow Knight Elite Shadow Priestess Tough Tree Spirit Lazy Tree Spirit Horn Chimera Mad Screaming Lizardman Petrified Miner Half-petrified Miner Ruins Monster Hexe Marie Circle Ruins Tree Calpheon Shrine Elite Warrior Calpheon Shrine Elite Wizard Red Orc Prison Calpheon Elite Shadow Knight Calpheon Elite Shadow Priestess Sharp Rock Spider Toxic Cave Plant Brown Bear Black Wolf Alpha Black Wolf White-Tailed Deer Young White-Tailed Deer Gray Mane Goat Young Gray Mane Goat Aura of Failed Kzarka Mutant Gargoyle Grudge of the Shadow Knights Master Sandwich Stoneback Crab Ambushing Stone Spider Petrified Laborer Sculpture Remnants of Kzarka Treasure Chamber of One-Eyed Giant Treant Crystal Tree Cave Stalactite Mature Stone Rat Bree Tree Ruins Guard Tower Black Mane Sausan Watch Tough Sausan Soldier Sausan Scout Sausan Sniper Sausan Assassin Sausan Soldier Sausan Watchtower Sausan Supply Camp Sausan Tent Helm Miner Helm Hammer Helm Hunter Helm Big Mace Helm Small Mace