Mansha Warrior Mansha Javelin Thrower Mediah Male Thief Ogre Trap Saunil Siege Tank Saunil Soldier Saunil Shaman Saunil Charger Owl Treant Witch Jail Desert Thief Demibeast Warrior Demibeast Javelin Thrower Demibeast Super Warrior Demibeast Bandsman Ferocious Weasel Mad Screaming Harpy Petrifying Worker Rhutum Elite Wizard Helm Warrior Helm Axeman Helm Two-Axe Warrior Helm Crossbowman Helm Hunter Helm Miner Mediah Green Orc Mediah Green Orc Warrior Mediah Green Orc Archer Mediah Red Orc Mediah Red Orc Archer Lava Fat Goblin Mediah Lizardman Mediah Rock Spider Mediah Rogue Execution Chief Mediah Dwarf Rogue Mediah Giant Rogue Grass Hedgehog Lava Young Goblin Petrifying Bomber Mediah Monk Mediah Monk Berserker Mediah Monk Wizard Mediah Monk Assassin Mediah Monk Giant Mediah Stone Hole Spider Mediah Baby Stone Hole Spider Mediah Young Stone Hole Spider Mediah Stone Hole Worm Mediah Hyena Wolf Mediah Little Dragon Rhutum Elite Warrior Rhutum Elite Archer Mature Rock Spirit Helm Macer Red Horn Ox Cow Possessed by Black Spirit Cow Possessed by Black Spirit Harpy Warrior Harpy Mage Baby Gargoyle Mediah Monk Warrior Helm Dual Flailer Helm Flailer Helm Hammerer Saunil Ladderman Twin-Headed Treant Grass Root Nymph Fire Root Nymph Earth Root Nymph Firewood Orc Warrior Firewood Orc Archer Petrifying Dwarf Mediah Mutant Orc Contaminated Dog Ancient Disguised Giant Sand Spirit Mansha Trap Queen Stoneback Crab Faust Forest Tough Stoneback Crab Faust Forest Tiny Stoneback Crab Faust Forest Scrub Stoneback Crab Faust Forest Herb Stoneback Crab Faust Forest Giant Stoneback Crab Young Red Orc Young Harpy Black Harpy Elite Rough Stoneback Crab Young Troll Ox Rotten Pumpkin Ghost Masked Pumpkin Ghost Young Red Orc Warrior Swarm of Flies Young Farm Boar Calpheon Shadow Knight Calpheon Shadow Wizard Calpheon Shadow Guard Mad Screaming Saunil Petrifying Foreman Petrifying Berserk Miner Petrified Miner Half-petrified Miner Ruins Monster Harpy Young Harpy Harpy Warrior Harpy Mage Black Harpy Elite Dead Weasel Dead Wolf Dead Fox Dead Chicken Red Boar Young Red Boar Young Altar Imp Imp Shaman Calpheon Shadow Wizard Bandit Warrior Bandit Archer Band of Rogues Bandit Warrior Bandit Archer Band of Rogues Bandit Warrior Bandit Archer Band of Rogues Bandit Warrior Bandit Archer Band of Rogues Bandit Warrior Bandit Archer Band of Rogues Mature Stone Rat Bandit Raid Captain Bandit Defense Captain Sharp Rock Spider Toxic Cave Plant Brown Bear Black Wolf Alpha Black Wolf White-Tailed Deer Young White-Tailed Deer Gray Mane Goat Young Gray Mane Goat Aura of Failed Kzarka Mutant Gargoyle Grudge of the Shadow Knights Master Sandwich Stoneback Crab Ancient Ruins Guard