Strawberry Crate Transparent Quest NPC Unidentified Bust Old Crest Demibeast Who Reads Cart Loaded with Timber Torn Piece of Paper Special Carrot Crate Faint Aura Brolina Ornette Viorencia Odore Piku's Footprint Root Nymph Altar King of the Otters Transparent Quest NPC Workshop Material Box Worker's Wheelbarrow Old Building Dormann Wheelbarrow Special Knowledge Lost Kite Patrol Point1 Patrol Point2 Patrol Point3 Special Drieghanese Food Sacrificial Spirits Clean Waterfall Disturbed Altar 1 Disturbed Altar 2 Disturbed Altar 3 Healthy Horse 1 Healthy Horse 2 Healthy Horse 3 Call Location Supply Box Post Repair Box Aljai Problematic Llama Aron's Drieghan Adventure Journal Examine Situation Melana Heavenly Floating Stone Ancient Floating Stone Transparent Quest NPC Sleepless Soul Shakatu Potion Box Trade Box Trade Box Corn Crate Dairy Cow Kid Who Went to Go Play Bride Runaway Soldier Ramy Voting NPC Piled Fish Piled Fish Crow Voting NPC Voting NPC Voting NPC Voting NPC Voting NPC Voting NPC Hungry Child Injured Baby Whale Adult Whale Palong Huge Rock Trade Box Bronze Ingot Crate Mysterious Essence Box Arrival Point Terrmian Floating Stone Terrmian Secondary Floating Stone Terrmian Treasure Chest Parent_Name Display Terrmian Treasure Chest Kid_Mash Alustin Zaaira Transparent Quest NPC Pile of Terrmian Soil Mystical Tree Transparent Quest NPC Essence of Earth Transparent Quest NPC Ambiguous NPC Fire NPC Raffle NPC Griffon Transportation Field NPC Terrmian Object Swirling Darkness Terrmian Object Terrmian Object Terrmian Object Terrmian Object Ancient Shrine Device Box with the Royal Family Seal Valencia Transparency Character Old Box Old Book GM Black GM Red GM Blue GM Green GM Yellow Dusty Book Altar Transparent Quest NPC Transparent Quest NPC Hazel Azealia Transparency Character (Used for manual completion) Transparent Quest NPC Weight Limit +300 LT Metal Processing Tool Carpentry Tool Hide Processing Tool Sewing Tool Jewel Polishing Tool Item Processing Tool Accessory Crafting Tool Furniture Crafting Tool Jukebox Test Cat Test Crafting Tool Bed Round Table Cooking Utensil Small Round Table Large Round Table Alchemy Tool Intermediate Cooking Utensil Advanced Cooking Utensil [L'elisir d'amore] Hot Tub Supreme Cooking Utensil Floor Mat Shabby Bed Sturdy Bed