Velia Street Lamp Scarecrow Book Oak Barrel Box Sack Sheep Memorial Stone Donatt's Will Wagon Heist Plan Heidel Treaty How to Survive Monster Attacks Serendia: The Glorious History Scarecrow Lost Lamb Dropped Sack Wale's Porter Rat Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Valkyrie's Treasure Ancient Ruins Treasure Lost Cat Wheelbarrow Runaway Chicken Lost Cat Terrified Soldier Lost Rabbit Chicken on the Roof Farm Rat Farm Pig Puppy on the Roof Runaway Pig Thief Raccoon Dog Exhausted from Barking Girl's Dog Terrified Cat Test Rat Dogs Ruining the Flowers Fearless Cat Lost Piglet Delicious Piglet Treasure Chest A Midsummer Waterboat The Unknown Box Wheelbarrow Wheelbarrow Wheelbarrow Wheelbarrow Rovant's Porter Loggia Farm Porter Luke's Porter Central Guard Camp Porter Larc's Porter Escaped Prisoner Stranded Porter Potato Cart Wheat Cart Khuruto Scout Secret Box Caphras' Journal Treasure Chest Old Box Old Box Old Box Old Box Spiteful Steel Imp Wizard Cron Castle Ghost Goblin Fighter Moss Stoneback Crab Small Swamp Fogan Big Bush Spider Big Bush Spider Cultist Warrior Cultist Shaman Dwarf Miner Dwarf Warrior Crystal Extractor Beach Sled Pumpkin Seedling Board Pumpkin Refugee Camp Tent Potion Box Grain Sack Grain Sack Soldier Hanging from a Bannister Dead Ox of the Plantation Sick Plantation Ox Crank Ladder Ladder Crank Soldier's Remains Rock Rock Shattered Fragment Lost Young Fogan Lost Kite Defender of the Ancient Holy Ground Pig Weeds Goods Stolen by the Waragon Wounded Farmer Goblin Herbalist Suspicious Supplies Ancient Stone Statue Stranded Soldier Tame Raccoon Fruit Basket Hungry Cat Fish Recovery Potion Ingredient Powder Potion Aging Stand Potion Delivery Wagon Mortar Infiltrated Mediahn Soldier Chicken Dead Cow Flame Supply Porter Medicine Sack Severely Wounded Soldier Khuruto Carcass Steel Imp Boss High-Quality Wine Box Unloaded from Ship Wood for Making a Foothold Illegal Leaflet Sample Fruit Box Hidden by a Lover Noble Escort Grandma's Chick Pickpocket Hiding Protesters Medicinal Herb Brewer Rations from the Plantation Lasti's Rabbit Testing Cannon Hungry Protesters Cooking Cauldron Jealous Noblewoman Newly Weaved Silk Prancing Lamb Green Herb Peep Half-Eaten Bread Golden Eagle Statue