Outer Gate Inner Gate Flag Fish Spotter Outer Gate Inner Gate Defense Tower Arena Entrance Desert Tent Outer Gate Inner Gate Outpost Villager Clearwater Fishing Point Sea Fishing Point Fishing Point Fishing Point For DV Test Thunderbolt Entrance to Arena of Arsha Worker Promotion Reset Coupon Book of Combat (30 Days) Fireworks Set [Event] Bleach [Event] Golden Bell Fishing Pack Training Pack Combat EXP Transfer Coupon Blacksmith's Secret Book - 50 Blacksmith's Secret Book - 100 Outfit Pack Value Pack (4 Hours) Value Pack (8 Hours) Value Pack (12 Hours) Clorince's Bag Clorince's Travel Bag Eileen's Bag Eileen's Travel Bag Halloween Witch Final Battle Entrance Extra Sailing EXP Scroll Villager Villager Villager Villager Villager Naphart Campsite Book of Skills (15 Days) Book of Skills (30 Days) Desert Traveler Taiwan Dark Knight Open Package Fishing Rod Villager Villager Villager Griffon Villager Villager Villager Villager Duvencrune Freight Wagon Villager\n Scarecrow Scarecrow Scarecrow Patrigio's Lamplight (Event) MAX HP Increase Scroll (Event) Item Branding Scroll (Event) Extra Karma Scroll (Event) Horse Max. Recovery Potion (Event) Daily Gift Box (Event) Mount Skill Change Coupon Total Appearance Change Coupon: 1 time (Event) Character Slot Expansion Coupon (Event) Inventory Expansion Coupon Energy Tonic (M) Energy Tonic (L) Unknown Dye Box Bundle (Event) Luck Increase Scroll Rice Cake Soup Elion's Tear (Event) Elion's Blessing (Event) Energy Tonic (S) (Event) Horse Death Count Reset (Event) Skill EXP Increase - 10% EXP Increase: 10% Life EXP Increase - 10% Combat Skills Reset: Partial Elixir of Oblivion Mount Skill Change Coupon Horse EXP Increase: 20% Processing EXP Transfer Coupon Fishing EXP Transfer Coupon Trading EXP Transfer Coupon Alchemy EXP Transfer Coupon Cooking EXP Transfer Coupon Training EXP Transfer Coupon Gathering EXP Transfer Coupon Worker Lodging Expansion Coupon Unknown (1 day) Unknown (7 days) Stable Expansion Coupon 2 Stable Expansion Coupon 3 Stable Expansion Coupon 4 Skill EXP +20% EXP Increase: 20% Life EXP +20% Pearl Box - 40 Pearl Box - 100 Pearl Box - 200 Pearl Box - 400 Pearl Box - 620 Pearl Box - 1050 Pearl Box - 2120 Mount Skill Consignment Coupon Mount Skill Removal Coupon Value Pack (30 Days): For Japa Megaphone Book of Combat Value Pack (15 Days) Storage Expansion Bundle: Valencia City +1 Storage Expansion Bundle: Valencia City +4 Storage Expansion Bundle: Valencia City +8 Valencia City Stable Expansion Weapon Exchange Coupon Adventurer's Box Blessing of Kamasylve Weight Limit +200LT Book of Training (3 Hr) Book of Training (6 Hr)