[Crossroad B] I don't want to hear it anymore! Monsters at Moretti Farm Al Rhundi, the Mortal Drive Out the Rebels Tighten the Trap Undisciplined Troops Caught in the Mousetrap [Boss] The Head of the Rebels [Repeat] Drive out the Remaining Rebels Eastern Gateway Battle Report The Only Thing That Matters A New Mission The Extraction Mill Caretaker Where's the Gunpowder? Everything's Trouble! Something smells fresh here! Unreliable Comrades Where They Are Looking [Awakening] Artifacts of the Naga New Order [Repeat] Exterminate the Nagas The Red Barbarians Trouble at the Door The Art of Persuasion The Clever Ones Subjugating the Orcs Restless Days [Boss] Org the Greedy [Reaper] Real Lessons From Above Chaos at the Delphe Knights Castle Operation Breakthrough One Hurdle After Another The Right Way to Treat Prisoners Rolling in the Deep Cave Blooming Death Spearhead Rudimentary Magic [Boss] Earthshaking Stomp The Mysterious Ruins [Repeat] For the glory of the Trina Knights! The Bizarre Statue Archaeologist Martha Kiyen Find Resources for Research [Boss] The Old Guardian The Origin of Mystic Power [Boss] Bree Tree Ruins Warm Blanket and a Hearty Meal [Repeat] Drunk on Black Energy Shabby Bed Norma's Concern Elina's Request A Center to Relief the Unfortunates Disappearing Workers Someone I Can Talk To [Repeat] No Longer Human Canyon of Death Abandonded House The Only Evidence What She Left Behind Quiet Echo Keplan, the Town at the Brink of Collapsing The Big and Burly Captured Soldiers Each of Their Reasons An Offer from the Xian League Between a Revolt and Revolution The Embroiled Agent Precious Footsteps Violent Encounter I Violent Encounter II Encroachment or Opportunity [Boss] Al Rhundi; Engulfed in Madness The Scale of Justice Message from Bobby Lauren Hostile Pursuit Persistent Stubborness A Successful Settlement Trade Route of Ambush An Uncomfortable Investigation The Village Short of Drinking Water The Merchant's Determination Negotiation Skills Maul the Neglector of Fogans The Childish Captain A Sweet Bargain Cleansing the Swamps Recovery of Lost Trade Items [Boss] Fogan Prince Titium An Accomplished Bargain The Concession of Povios [Awakening] Relics of the Naga Rising Contributions A Time of Rest Before the Journey Preparations for the Journey Bandits on the Road Information on Biraghi Seize the Orders The Hidden Spoils [Boss] The Owner of Biraghi's Den The Securing of Safe Passage The Chaotic Delphe Knights An Undignified Reunion Procurement of Supplies The Admissions Process, Elion's Blessing A Dangerous Admissions Process The Wait of No Significance Breaking the Ice Support for the Delphe Knights The Perfect Confidence