[Event] Looking After the Whale I [Event] Looking out for Whales II [Event] Collecting Soil for Gardening [Event] Essence of Earth [Event] Old Records [Event] Unreadable Document [Event] Unseal [Event] Tenacity Reward [Event] Persistence Reward [Event] Patience Reward [Event] Patience Reward [Event] Forest Observer [Event] Illusion Tree [Event] Serene Sleep [Event] Hungry for Green [Event] Steadfastness [Event] Something Caught in the Throat [Event] Essence of Forest [Event] Materials from Forest [Event] Fire, Extinction ,and Recreation [Event] The Immovable Stone [Event] Traces of Fire [Event] Lost Essence of Fire [Event] Uncontrollable Power [Event] Fire Resistant Gloves [Event] Glove Used by a Blacksmith [Event] To Capture the Essence of Water [Event] Flame Caught within Hot Lava [Event] The Essence of Fire that Starts A Whirlwind [Event] Deficient Meat [Event] The Source of All Life [Event] Memory of that Day [Event] Another Perspective of Memory [Event] Searching the Debris [Event] Following the End of Memories [Event] Unfinished Mission [Event] The Key to Open the Essence [Event] Mankind's Metal [Event] Magnetic Field [Event] God's Treasure [Event] The Cutting Method [Event] Mistakes in the Past [Event] Essence of Metal [Event] The Sixth Essence [Event] Incomplete World [Event] Cold Beer Delivery [Event] Graffiti Selling Dreams [Event] So Disappointed! [Event] Throw Your Stresses Away! [Event] Legend of the Nineshark [Event] The Endless Curiosity of the Sages [Event] The Closest Place to the Moon [Event] Wailing of the Newborn Baby [Event] Ghost at the Corner [Event] Trapped Inside the Wave [Event] Mounted Grudge [Event] You Will Live, If You Wish to Die [Event] Essence of Darkness [Event] Approaching Darkness [Event] The Price of Curiosity [Event] The Closest Place to the Sun [Event] Red Joy [Event] Scarlet Anger [Event] Yellow Sorrow [Event] Green Joy [Event] Blue Love [Event] Indigo Hatred [Event] Purple Greed [Event] Protector of the Secrets [Event] I Want to Catch a Manta Ray [Event] Black Desert GM Race Event Off To The Next Adventure I The Most Peaceful Village: Olvia The Roof of the World: Olvia Mountains The Wall Facing Another World: Olvia Coast Where Adventure Starts: Western Guard Camp A Haven for the Elderly: Toscani Farm The Place Where Nightmare Blooms: Bartali Farm Back to Golden Toad Inn I Off To The Next Adventure II A Cheerful Inn for Adventurers: Valley Lily Inn Golden Field: Moretti Plantation Where Peace Grows: Costa Farm Village of Foggy Lights: Glish The Barrier against the Red Threat: Southwestern Gateway The Sinister Leader: Bloody Monastery Muskan