Crystal Extractor Beach Sled Pumpkin Seedling Board Pumpkin Refugee Camp Tent Potion Box Grain Sack Grain Sack Soldier Hanging from a Bannister Dead Ox of the Plantation Sick Plantation Ox Crank Ladder Ladder Crank Soldier's Remains Rock Rock Shattered Fragment Lost Young Fogan Lost Kite Defender of the Ancient Holy Ground Pig Weeds Goods Stolen by the Waragon Wounded Farmer Goblin Herbalist Suspicious Supplies Ancient Stone Statue Stranded Soldier Tame Raccoon Fruit Basket Hungry Cat Fish Recovery Potion Ingredient Powder Potion Aging Stand Potion Delivery Wagon Mortar Infiltrated Mediahn Soldier Chicken Dead Cow Flame Supply Porter Medicine Sack Severely Wounded Soldier Khuruto Carcass Steel Imp Boss High-Quality Wine Box Unloaded from Ship Wood for Making a Foothold Illegal Leaflet Sample Fruit Box Hidden by a Lover Noble Escort Grandma’s Chick Pickpocket Hiding Protesters Medicinal Herb Brewer Rations from the Plantation Lasti's Rabbit Testing Cannon Hungry Protesters Cooking Cauldron Jealous Noblewoman Newly Weaved Silk Prancing Lamb Green Herb Peep Half-Eaten Bread Golden Eagle Statue Redemption Statue Government Office Fountain Moon Pearl Stringy Herb Waragon Carcass Ancient Ruins Wagon Berchen Fountain Sage Statue White Hawk Statue Lucky Well Bronze Statue Bronze Statue Bronze Statue Bronze Statue Finest Fish Statue Queen Marumin’s Grave Camel Sign Geniefa Palm Tree Stump Visit to Valencia Castle Runaway Chicken Feed Sack Beacon Towers Corn Sack Lost Young Red Orc Wheat Sack Dirty Chimney Dirty Chimney Dirty Chimney Dirty Chimney Dirty Chimney Dirty Chimney Dirty Chimney Heavy Grain Sack Villager Villager Fugitive Debtor Drunkard Denis Suspicious Soldier Loitering Pickpocket Wheelbarrow Full of Sand Wheelbarrow Full of Minerals Wheelbarrow Full of Fodder Wheelbarrow Full of Cocoons Wheelbarrow Full of Black Crystal Grain Sack Fertilizer Sack Fish Sack Branch Sack Rock Shards Sack Fish Shop Cat Filcher Raccoon Chubby Hen Soldier's Corpse Gula's Beloved Horse Horse Dying to Pee Drunk at the Horse Race Track Zaramas' Wheelbarrow Belgar's Parchment Sulad's Sack Crystal Extractor Belmorn Altinova Sentry Altinova Sentry Altar of Blood Ancient Gate Sealed Black Dragon Ancient Fragment Ancient Artifact Night Soil Wagon Cart Full of Miscellany Lost Aulan Out-of-mind Gigolo Ceaselessly Working Worker Box Full of Water Bottles Sack of Figs Katan POW Bundle of Materials