A Dish with Dried Fish Fish Fillet Chips Ignar's Snack Nens Bailey's Dining Table [Repeat] Useful Junk [Repeat] Disgusting Guys [Repeat] Already Dead Moadi's Request [Processing Lv. 41] Need a Hand I [Processing Lv. 42] Need a Hand II [Processing Lv. 43] Need a Hand III [Processing Advancement Lv. 44] Work for Tarif [Processing Lv. 45] Need a Hand IV [Processing Lv. 46] How to Use a Crystal [Processing Advancement Lv. 47] Have to Give... [Processing Lv. 48] How to Make a Good Jewel [Processing Lv. 49] Strength to a Cursed Land... [Processing Advancement Lv50] Altinova's Prestige [Alchemy Lv. 41] Don't Get Hit [Alchemy Lv. 42] Don't Fall [Alchemy Lv. 43] For a Single Blow [Alchemy Advancement Lv. 44] A Stronger Elixir [Alchemy Lv. 45] Experience is Important [Alchemy Lv. 46] Offense is the Best Recovery?! [Alchemy Advancement Lv. 47] Glorious Golden Hand [Alchemy Lv. 48] Can't Lose to a Sorcerer [Alchemy Lv. 49] An Elixir from Calpheon [Alchemy Advancement Lv. 50] Just an Alchemist [Gathering Lv. 41] Altinova Refugee Aid I [Gathering Lv. 42] Altinova Refugee Aid II [Gathering Lv. 43] Altinova Refugee Aid III [Gathering Advancement Lv. 44] Three Little Otters [Gathering Lv. 45] Altinova Refugee Aid IV [Gathering Lv. 46] Have You Tried Aloe? [Gathering Advancement Lv. 47] A Pickaxe that Lays Gold [Gathering Lv. 48] Luck Test I [Gathering Lv. 49] Luck Test II [Gathering Advancement Lv50] From the Hand of a Person [Cooking Lv. 39] For Those Leaving [Cooking Lv. 41] Food for Strength [Cooking Lv. 42] Delicious-Looking Food [Cooking Lv. 43] How to Preserve Fish [Cooking Advancement Lv. 44] Mediahn Food Culture [Cooking Lv. 45] Liquor of Altinova I [Cooking Lv. 46] Liquor of Altinova II [Cooking Advancement Lv. 47] All About Mediah Cuisine [Cooking Lv. 48] Food for Guests [Cooking Lv. 49] A Gift for Edman [Cooking Advancement Lv50] Full of Courage! [Combat Promotion] Uncomfortable Sea Otter [Combat Promotion] Conqueror [Combat Promotion] Supporting Porio [Hunting Level 37] Fugitive Khalk I [Hunting Level 40] Fugitive Khalk II [Hunting Level 44] The Precious Molar [Hunting Level 47] The Best Booty [Hunting Level 50] An Absolute Hunter [Fishing Lv. 44] A Challenge! The Master Fisher of Splashing Point [Fishing Lv. 47] Song of the Sea and Fish [Fishing Lv. 50] A Fishing Master [Farming Lv. 47] Essentials for Praying [Farming Lv. 50] Important Guests [Trading Lv. 44] Kusha Town Festival [Trading Lv. 47] High Quality Parchment [Trading Lv. 50] Unique Items from Mediah [Daily] Preparation for Escape [Daily] Where's Wallio? [Daily] Where's Wallio? [Daily] Where's Wallio? [Daily] Where's Wallio? [Daily] Where's Wallio? [Daily] Where's Wallio? [Daily] Where's Wallio? [Daily] Where's Wallio? [Daily] Bleeker Mania Cobrio [Daily] Annoying Crawfish Hey, You Good at Fishing? [Daily] Yellow-Head Catfish Dish for Grandchild The Awakened Ancient Ruins, The Expedition Without Any News Ancient Ruins Tungrad Expedition #1 Ancient Ruins Tungrad Expedition #2 A Sacrifice for the Bell Tower Lave Cave Ruling Class I'm Never Going Back! Theater Troupes of Mediah, Conch Shell #1 Theater Troupes of Mediah, Conch Shell #2 Theater Troupes of Mediah, Conch Shell #3 Theater Troupes of Mediah, Conch Shell #4 [Repeat] Helm Destroyer! [Repeat] Destroy Spell! [EXC] Necklace of Dim Spell [EXC] Necklace of Concentrated Spell [EXC] Necklace of Sealed Spell [Altinova Tavern] Wiping out Abandoned Iron Mine I [Altinova Tavern] Wiping out Wandering Rogues I [Altinova Tavern] Wiping out Manes I [Altinova Tavern] Wiping out Elric Shrine I [Altinova Tavern] Wiping out Helms I [Altinova Tavern] Graveyard Dominator [Altinova Tavern] Dominator of Ancient Weapons [Altinova Tavern] Dwarf Dominator [Altinova Tavern] Wiping out Pirate Island [Altinova Tavern] Elite Hunters [Altinova Tavern] Cute Little Things [Altinova Tavern] Wiping out Abandoned Iron Mine II [Altinova Tavern] Wiping out Wandering Rogues II [Altinova Tavern] Wiping out Manes II [Altinova Tavern] Wiping out Elric Shrine II [Altinova Tavern] Wiping out Helms II [Altinova Tavern] Guardian of Mediah Past Glory The Good Old Days Legendary Fighters Old Friend of Shultz A Special Health Tonic...? Sticky Blood Kunga's Recommendation God of Fight The Best Teammate(?) Worthy Opponent Steel Brothers Legendary Fighter, Red Shadow Final Battle Contestants Arena of Death I Arena of Death II Arena of Death - Final Battle Legendary Fighter Dangerous Weapon... [EXC] Asula's Crimson Eye Necklace [EXC] Asula's Crimson Eye Earring [EXC] Asula's Crimson Eye Ring [EXC] Asula's Crimson Eye Belt For a Beloved Sweltering Horse Better Safe Than Sorry