What Is Hidden in the Bookshelf? Unopened Book Merindora's Help If You Open the First Chapter Tremendously High Price Who Was the Champion? Evidence 1 - The Champion Has a Long Tail Evidence 2 - A colorful champion Evidence 3 - The champion who disappeared past the lake Lost Bird An Unveiled Winner An Honorable Successor Produce Exotic Taste Home-cooked Meal Discovering the True Taste of Grána Kamasylvia Meal Master Chef of Grána Lost Lunch Box Stream and Waterfall Making Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich Make Fruit Juice Weenie Mystical Alchemy The Gossiping Otter Zellu the Magic Seeker Knowledgeable Material Elixir with Knowledge I Hate Studying Luck that Comes with Hard Work Secret Pot Secret Operation Fast, Dark, Silent The Unknown Effect Elixir Running Through Veins [Test] Defeat Polly's Forest Monster Quest [Test] Defeat Fadus Quest [Test] Forest Ronaros Quest [Test] Defeat Gyfin Rhasia Ancient Weapons Quest Wood for Wagon Repair Carting Wood Some More Help? Flower Field Shiny Shard from the Lake Where is the last glass shard? Some Firewood Ecology of Kamasylvia Survivor of the Ambush [Daily] Black Beast Lured by an Illusion [Daily] Killing For Survival The Poacher's Irresistible Offer [Repeat] Carrots in Exchange for Fruit [Repeat] Looking for Weasels Pleasant Guest at the Meadow Love and Peace in the Meadow Pleasant Guest at the Swamp Love and Peace in the Swamp Guest in the Mountain Love and Peace in the Mountain Guest in the Wasteland Love and Peace in the Wasteland Guest in the Desert Love and Peace in the Desert Celebrity Golden Gift Golden Gift Golden Gift Golden Gift Golden Gift