[Daily] Guccio's Mane Subjugation Request [Daily Quest Graduation] Helms and Manes [Daily] Kasula's Wandering Rogue Subjugation Request [Daily] A Miner's Abandoned Iron Mine Subjugation Request [Daily Quest Graduation] Wandering Rogues and Abandoned Iron Mine [Co-op] Defeat Red Nose [Co-op] Defeat Giath [Co-op] Defeat Bheg [Co-op] Defeat Titium [Co-op] Defeat the Saunil Siege Captain [Co-op] Defeat Muskan [Co-op] Defeat the Dim Tree Spirit [Co-op] Defeat Hexe Marie [Co-op] Defeat Org at the Ancient Ruins [Co-op] Defeat Gehaku at the Ancient Ruins [Co-op] Ancient Relic Crystal [Co-op] Awakened Ancient Relic Crystal [Co-op] Eliminating the Threats to Mediah [Co-op] Defeat Moghulis [Co-op] Defeat Awakened Red Nose [Co-op] Defeat Awakened Giath [Co-op] Defeat Awakened Bheg [Co-op] Defeat Awakened Muskan [Co-op] Defeat Awakened Dim Tree Spirit [Co-op] Defeat Awakened Hexe Marie [Co-op] Defeat Ahib Griffon [Co-op] Defeat Narc Brishka [Solo] Narc Magic Sealing Stone Weakened Narc Magic Sealing Stone [Co-op] Defeat Ronin [Co-op] Defeat Urugon [Co-op] Defeat Awakened Narc Brishka [Co-op] Defeat Awakened Ahib Griffon [Co-op] Defeat Awakened Ronin [Co-op] Defeat Awakened Urugon [Co-op] Defeat Leebur [Co-op] Defeat Awakened Titium [Co-op] Defeat the Awakened Saunil Siege Captain In Search of the Eastern Sand Kingdom Unchained Curiosity In Search of a Familiar Face... Manmehan, the Other Prince Calmly Resonating Voice Secret of the Extinguished Sacred Being Notifying Torenandu Nagas and Their Civilization Fogan at Titium Valley Valencia Grave Robber [Co-op] Defeat Agrakhan [Co-op] Defeat Ancient Puturum [Co-op] Valencia Monsters Extermination Kamasylvia, the Land Behind the Veil The Scout of the Navarn Steppe [Co-op] Mutant Manshaum Narc Light to Valtarra [Co-op] Valtarra: Training Exalted Character I Exalted Character II Exalted Character III Exalted Character IV Exalted Character V Exalted Character VI Exalted Character VII Exalted Character VIII World of Knowledge I World of Knowledge II World of Knowledge III World of Knowledge IV World of Knowledge V World of Knowledge VI World of Knowledge VII World of Knowledge VIII World of Knowledge IX World of Knowledge X To the Red Battlefield! Prepare for the Awakening! [Daily] Prepare for the Awakening! [Warrior Awakening] New Weapon [Warrior] Goyen Mercenaries, the Forgotten History [Warrior] A Mysterious Knight [Warrior] Mercenary's Skill [Warrior] Return of the Faith [Warrior] Goyen's Great Sword Mastery: Linking [Warrior] Goyen's Great Sword Mastery: Practice Quality of a Mercenary: Maturity Quality of a Mercenary: Perseverance Quality of a Mercenary: Defense [Sorceress Awakening] Great Sorceress [Sorceress] Cartian's Descendants [Sorceress] Fresh Start, Tarif [Sorceress] Forbidden Spells [Sorceress] Sorceress' Return [Sorceress] Cartian's Scythe: Linking [Sorceress] Cartian's Scythe: Practice Sorceress' Quality, Prediction Sorceress' Quality, Perseverance Sorceress' Quality, Explosion [Berserker Awakening] The Schism of Gehaku and Tantu [Berserker] Follow Tantu [Berserker] Ground of Prosperity [Berserker] Berserker's Quality [Berserker] New History [Berserker] Tantu's Iron Buster: Linking [Berserker] Tantu's Iron Buster: Practice Berserker's Quality, Instinct Berserker's Quality, Strength Berserker's Quality, Wit [Ranger Awakening] The Highest Point of the Forest [Ranger] Retired Hero [Ranger] The Legacy of Kamasylve [Ranger] Surge of Ordeals [Ranger] The Successor [Ranger] Kamasylve Kamasylven Sword: Linking [Ranger] Kamasylven Sword: Practice Ranger's Ordeal, Domination Ranger's Ordeal, Commune Ranger's Ordeal, Advancement [Tamer Awakening] Small Steps [Tamer] Black Aura on the Mountains [Tamer] Crossed Paths [Tamer] Qualifications of a Master [Tamer] Master of Heilang [Tamer] Daru's Celestial Bo Staff: Combo [Tamer] Daru's Celestial Bo Staff: Practice Tamer's Proof: Idleness Tamer's Proof: Control Tamer's Proof: Commune [Valkyrie Awakening] Gift from Elion [Valkyrie] The Legend of Enslar [Valkyrie] Ideology at the Tip of the Lancia [Valkyrie] A Real Valkyrie [Valkyrie] Divine power [Valkyrie] Venslar's Lancia - Combo [Valkyrie] Venslar's Lancia - Practice Valkyrie's Quality, Sanctity Valkyrie's Quality, Protection Valkyrie's Quality, Paragon [Musa Awakening] First Memory [Musa] Musa from the Western Frontiers [Musa] Story of Haeam [Musa] Qualification of a Martial Artist [Musa] Perfection of Martial Arts [Musa] Haeam's Crescent Blade - Combo [Musa] Haeam's Crescent Blade - Practice Musa's Quality, Motto Musa's Quality, Spirit Musa's Quality, Awakening [Maehwa Awakening] When the Flower Started Withering [Maehwa] Order of the Apricot