Securing a Safe Escape Route Revenge, Revenge, Revenge! How Strong Are the Bandits? Start the Day with a Prayer Rage Against Calpheon May the Flag Wave in Pride Broken Wagon at the Inn Fixing the Wagon How Kind Our Miss Is.. Distrustful Workers Supply and Demand of Iron Ore Take This to Ornella What the Hell Are You Talking About? What Should a Fool Do? A Maiden's Wavering Heart A Soldier's Secret Problem Precious Morning Rat-Killing Spree! Lost Farm Pigs Puppy on the Roof Retrieve Runaway Pigs Adorable Thief No More Dogs Lovers' Secret What Are They Talking About? Threatening and Frantic Kuku Bird! Plucking Flowers... Where? Calling the Farm for Help Thick, Light Soup A Lavish Meat Dish Even Flax Fabric... Filthy Smell A Much-Needed Drop Troublemaking Lizard In Search of a Rich Vein Sweet Potato Farming [Alchemy] Accidental Alchemist Basic Alchemy Ingredients #1 Basic Alchemy Ingredients #2 Alchemy Catalyst, Clear Liquid Reagent Using a Catalyst for Resurrection Elixir Pure Powder Reagent, Another Catalyst Making an Elixir of Energy Finding Grace Lauren Swirling Power of Rage Hawk's Eye Seeking Prey Origin of Swirling Magic Power Steel-Strong Skin Alchemy, Variation #1 Alchemy, Variation #2 Charm of Alchemy Investigating the Watchtower Underground From a Friend, With Love No Credit! Have You Ever... Tamed a Horse? My Little First Pony My Little First Pony [Co-op] Exposing the Serendia Shrine Gang [Processing Advancement Lv10] Vype's Request [Processing Lv11] Helping Heidel Festival I [Processing Lv12] Helping Heidel Festival II [Processing Lv13] Helping Heidel Festival III [Processing Lv14] Helping Heidel Festival IV [Processing Advancement Lv15] Workshop Expansion [Processing Lv16] For Costa Farm I [Processing Lv17] For Costa Farm II [Processing Lv18] For Costa Farm III [Processing Lv19] For Costa Farm IV [Processing Advancement Lv20] The Lord's Special Quest [Processing Lv21] Helping with Captive Negotiation I [Processing Lv22] Helping with Captive Negotiation II [Processing Lv23] Helping with Captive Negotiation III [Processing Lv.24] Helping with Captive Negotiation IV [Processing Advancement Lv25] Supplying Water to Glish [Alchemy Advancement Lv10] Studious George [Alchemy Lv11] Brightening Potion [Alchemy Lv12] A Wonder Drug for Burns [Alchemy Lv13] How to Treat Poison [Alchemy Lv14] Stopping Bleeding Quicker Than a Bandage [Alchemy Advancement Lv15] Power That Boosts One's Spirit [Alchemy Lv16] Reflect! Reflect! [Alchemy Lv17] Killing Elixir [Alchemy Lv18] Give Energy to a Soldier... [Alchemy Lv19] Alustin's Spell [Alchemy Lv21] Fisher's Skill [Cooking Advancement Lv10] Beer for a Thirsty Worker [Cooking Lv11] Delicious Fish [Cooking Lv12] Savory Meat [Cooking Lv13] Balanced Meal [Cooking Lv14] Sweet Dessert [Cooking Advancement Lv15] Kuku Bird Instead of Chicken [Cooking Lv16] Fresh Stir-Fried Seafood [Cooking Lv17] I Want Meat [Cooking Lv18] Power to the Workers! [Cooking Lv19] Pickling to Preserve [Cooking Advancement Lv20] Exotic Herbal Wine [Cooking Lv21] Fundamentals for a Cook [Cooking Lv22] The Real Taste of Meat [Cooking Lv23] Stamina Food of the Sea [Cooking Lv24] Bird Meat and Liquor [Cooking Advancement Lv25] The Ultimate Ingredient I [Cooking Advancement Lv25] The Ultimate Ingredient II [Gathering Advancement Lv10] Lazy Worker [Gathering Lv11] Helping Heidel Workshop I [Gathering Lv12] Helping Heidel Workshop II [Gathering Lv13] Helping Heidel Workshop III [Gathering Lv14] Helping Heidel Workshop IV [Gathering Advancement Lv15] Gigantic Barn [Gathering Lv16] Dernyl Farm in Danger I [Gathering Lv17] Dernyl Farm in Danger II [Gathering Lv18] Dernyl Farm in Danger III [Gathering Lv19] Dernyl Farm in Danger IV [Gathering Advancement Lv20] Return of Lara [Gathering Lv21] A Terrible Workplace, the Extraction Mill I [Gathering Lv22] A Terrible Workplace, the Extraction Mill II [Gathering Lv23] A Terrible Workplace, the Extraction Mill III [Gathering Lv24] A Terrible Workplace, the Extraction Mill IV [Gathering Advancement Lv25] Weird Hobby [Fishing Lv. 10] Bartering [Fishing Lv. 15] I Feel Exhausted Lately [Fishing Lv. 20] I Love Hot & Spicy Food [Fishing Lv. 25] The Best Fish in Serendia [Farming Lv. 10] Onion Season [Farming Lv. 15] Moretti's Wheat Harvesting [Farming Lv. 20] Species Improvement for Medicinal Herbs [Farming Lv. 25] Crop Factory [Trading Lv. 12] Alchemist's Reagent [Trading Lv. 17] Food Delivery for the Southwest Gate [Trading Lv. 20] The Cupid of Olvia [Trading Lv. 25] A Deal with Calpheon Kanna's Story Small Potions to Medium Potions Safe Escape A Friend of Cruhorn Wyrmsbane's Mudster Specimen Lost Hand Mirror Conspiring Group What's Up With the Closed Stable? Dismal and Mysterious Man Apologetically Sorry Late King's Desire for Eternity Curse Runs in the Bartali House Selling Trade Goods to Moretti Farm Redeeming the Good Name of Xian Urgent Request from Calpheon Workshop Must-Haves for Calpheonian Madams Dreaming Little Girl Skin Care for Altinovan Nobles Parade of Research