Rainbow Lizard Solving the Central Camp's Problem Bush Spider Glish Cobweb Delivery Overcoming a Nervous Breakdown Prize List Mutant Lizard Swamp Ambush Moss Stoneback Crab Visiting Glish Naga Civilization A Hesitant Story Donatt, the Forgotten Name Secret in the Underground Storage Heidel Investigator Surveying the Glish Ruins Donatt's Will Elionian Doctrines Swamp Naga Mopping Up Nagas Nagas, the Origin of Power Naga Culture Delivering Stuff Ruined Village What are Swamp Fogans? Stopping the Spread of the Swamp Fogans Demolition of Fogan Buildings Small Packages Dernyl Farm Bait for Fogan Research Wicked Cultist Deviating Doctrines Freharau's Report Lord of Serendia A Punitive Operation in Serendia A Casual Scout? Weakening of the Red Orcs Meeting an Orc Expert Don't Interrupt My Business! Easier to Detect the Strong One's Moves An Orc is an Orc Thorough Chastisement! Reporting to Cruhorn Wyrmsbane Name Tags of the Heidelian Soldiers Watch Their Moves Why the Sticky Cobwebs? Studying Spiders Studying Moss Stoneback Crabs Lost Hand Mirror Investigating the Watchtower Underground Reporting to Cruhorn Wyrmsbane The Extraction Mill and the Northwestern Gateway A Mercenary Who Used to be Excellent Oliviero and the Punitive Force Scouting Bradie Fortress Strengthening Mushrooms Orc Herbs Removing Orc Cannons Saving Serendian Soldiers Talking to the Bandit Punitive Force Learning About the Bandits Removing Bandit Traps Weakening the Bandits Destroying the Bandit Base Rescuing Prisoners Wagon Heist Plan To Calpheon! A Path in the Valleys? Snapped Kite Oh, My Melissa Heidel's Secret Treaty Lazy Soldier Ambushing Naga A Thief! Timber Delivery Oyun's Statue Oyun's Statue Bothersome Rabbit Lord's Trouble The Cat that Swallowed the Canary An Eye for an Eye Sweeping the Front Yard Missing Investigators Seed Pouch Potato Cart Farm Delivery Cultist Flag Ancient Coin Collector Southern Neutral Zone Extraction Mill Repair Delivering Repair Parts Work Status Report A Letter to Mother Finest Cooking Ingredients Glish Commemorative Coin Precious, Precious Egg Bandit's Dagger Straggling Porter Red Orc Sharp Orc Tooth Empty Storage A Mere Spectator Naga Commander [Contribution] Helping Out the Residents [Contribution] Red Orc Extermination [Contribution] Helping Out the Town I should be able to manage it right? Honorable Battle Honey Wine with Memories Mine Imp Cleanup Operation Between Duty and Friendship Mine Imp Cleanup Operation Rude Soldier Al Rhundi and the Rebels Hideous Fogans Secret Duty Not Yet, Queek. Enemy at the Door Enemy at the Door Fish in Troubled Waters Local Resource Management Piranha Merry Mud Hunting Shut Up, Frog! Shut Up, Frog! Stop the Illegal Assembly! Lost Toya Lost Weehol Lost Maum Anon Wants to Be a Soldier Profound Flag Please Find Kirre In Search of Freharau Back to Glish Finding the Sister In Search of Obsidian Don't Wanna Open My Eyes Find My Stuff Where Did It Go? Lost Sacramentals Fogan Ecological Research Imps at the Farm Imp Food Wagon Jobs Wanted Finding Murana Finding Alugren Finding a Brother Billy, an Art Lover