Supreme Commander of the Delphe Knights Traces of Shadow // The knowledge is only temporary Edan Belmorn's Seed of Destruction Reclaiming the Ridge The Queen and the Black Stone Victory at the Ridge Permission Pass Daughters of the North The Guilty Ones Peaceful Rest Support from the Foundation 웅장한 칼페온 수도 There is no such thing as a free lunch. Kind Ahr At the Highest Point in the City On the Top of the Spire Beginnings // Orwen's Arrival Confusing Ruins Fragment of Earth Bree Tree Ruins Trembling Earth [Awakening] Bree Tree Cave Origin of Earth Howling Voice Peace for those Tainted in Black Released Caphras's Seal Orwen's Whereabout Herb Village The Unconscious Ganelle Philance's Interrogation Secret Library // The camera should show the opening lever. Searching for Clues Archaeologist’s Knowledge The Expert on Ancient Languages Calming of the Storm Marni's Journal Trouble Dream Awakened Origin of Clear Water : Use the item to summon Origin of Clear Water The Test from Clear Water Ancient Light To Saunil Battlefield Looming Dangers Chaos at the Castle // Medical Supplies Coming Through The Terrified Marksman // Hwacha The Commander of the Castle Conqueror of Battle [Boss] Saunil Siege Captain Suspicious Maneuver [Boss] Defeat the Weakened Belmorn Relic of Trina Beacon Towers Onward to Mediah // Starting with a Letter [Crossroad B] I don't want to hear it anymore! Monsters at Moretti Farm Al Rhundi, the Mortal Drive Out the Rebels Tighten the Trap Undisciplined Troops Caught in the Mousetrap [Boss] Head of the Rebel Eastern Gateway Battle Report [Repeat] Drive out the Remaining Rebels The Only Thing That Matters New Mission Extraction Mill Manager Where’s the Gunpowder? Everything's Trouble! Something smells good here! Unreliable Comrades Where They Are Looking [Awakening] Artifacts of the Naga New Order [Repeat] Exterminate the Nagas Red Barbarians Trouble at the Door Art of Persuasion There is only one way Orc Expert Smarty Pants Subjugating the Orcs Big and Burly Captured Soldiers Restless Days [Boss] Org the Greedy