[Event] Another Perspective of Memory [Event] Searching the Debris [Event] Following the End of Memories [Event] Unfinished Mission [Event] The Key to Open the Essence [Event] Mankind's Metal [Event] Magnetic Field [Event] God's Treasure [Event] The Cutting Method [Event] Mistakes in the Past [Event] Essence of Metal [Event] The Sixth Essence [Event] Incomplete World [Event] Cold Beer Delivery [Event] Graffiti Selling Dreams [Event] So Disappointed! [Event] Throw Your Stresses Away! [Event] Legend of the Nineshark [Event] The Endless Curiosity of the Sages [Event] The Closest Place to the Moon [Event] Wailing of the Newborn Baby [Event] Ghost at the Corner [Event] Trapped Inside the Wave [Event] Mounted Grudge [Event] You Will Live, If You Wish to Die [Event] Essence of Darkness [Event] Approaching Darkness [Event] The Price of Curiosity [Event] The Closest Place to the Sun [Event] Red Joy [Event] Scarlet Anger [Event] Yellow Sorrow [Event] Green Joy [Event] Blue Love [Event] Indigo Hatred [Event] Purple Greed [Event] Protector of the Secrets [Event] I Want to Catch a Manta Ray Start of an Adventure Edan's Goodwill: Tutorial on Potions Hearty Instructor: Navigation Tutorial I Armstrong's Training: Tutorial on Combat Instructor's Recommendation To the Battlefied: Navigation Tutorial II Test Your Skills: Tutorial on Summoning the Black Spirit Knowledge is Power The Finicky Princess Veteran of the South Gate Isolated Supply Route (will be changed to Imp) Terrified Quartermaster Silence in the Forest of Seclusion Report on Situation Regarding Supplies The Quiet Workers Ancient Stone Chamber [Awakening] Traces of Edana Experience of the Ancients Report Situation on Stone Chamber The Seasoned Veteran Attack of the Steel Imps (will change to Imps at a later time) Imp's Stronghold The Boss's Secret The Lonely Imp Researcher [Boss] Red Nose: Engulfed in Darkness Words of Encouragement The Sage of Velia The Old Dreamer Lunar Halo Inn, a haven for Adventurers The Alchemist Known for Her Tomboyish Demeanor Emma's Nightmare Grusha, the Scout Goblins at the Ruins [Boss] Giath, the Goblin Chief Blooming Flowers at the Ruins Straggling Straggler The Truth about Nightmares (Gain energy +30 when you complete quest): Tutorial on Equipping Lantern Lost Records of Cron Eileen The Lost Spirits Infiltrating Cron Castle Memorial Service for the Fallen People All Your Worries Solved A Bigger World Loyal Companion Gateway to Heidel The Magnanimous Dwarf Introducing Vype (Cut scene) Heidel Merchant Union The Angry Lady Inconceivable! Unknown Energy [Awakening] Wizard's Altar: Tutorial on Pakuru [Boss] Dastard Bheg The Unforgotten Paying Off Debt Soyeon Ha From Merchant Union [Crossroad B] Ruth the Guardian (Undecided) Warning from the Xian Merchant Vally Lily Inn Owner The Young Lion of Heidel Lead Instructor Road to Alejandro Farm Weird Pumpkin Servant of Darkness Wasted Pumpkins Lord of Darkness A Friend from Glish Glish The Red-Finned Nagas [Boss] The Marauder (Location expected to change) [Awakening] Artifacts of the Naga The Story of Glish A Hesitant Story Donatt, the Forgotten Name Secret in the Underground Storage Heidel Investigator: Next to Edan Surveying the Glish Ruins Donatt's Will Dark Bowl Observe Jordine Ducas Liberator of Serendia: Requires Dialogue/Knowledge [Crossroad B] Restoring Peace and Order Route (Undecided) [Crossroad A] Pursue Jordine Route The Soldier Disguised as a Cultist Secret Document of the Cultists [Boss] Muskan of Madness Traces of Madness The Chamberlain's Weakness Extraction Mill Manager Odor Treatment The Secret Deal Confronting Jordine Isolating Jordine (Reward: Soldier Outfit) // Scene showing Dawson and the wounded soldiers Watchtower Grave of the Shadow // Sub-quest Shadow Knight Edan’s Party Danger from the Sky The Delphe Knights in Chaos Fear of Reyas Delphe Knights Support Deliver Operation Orders