Black Abyssal Weapon Exchange [Gathering - Stone] Stone Embedded with Gems [Gathering - Tree] Intact Insect Amber [Gathering - Herb] Female Kermes [Gathering - Animal] Well-polished Sole [Gathering - Blood] Crystalized Blood Ancient Goblin Altar Children Who Want to Float I Want Some Bear Blood... A Mysterious Elixir of Love Elixir of Amity Production Befriending the Rhutum Alchemist The Oil that Saved Yisar Pjetyo Make Elixir of Frenzy Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #1 Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #2 Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #3 Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #4 For the Apprentice Sorcerers For the Weary Workers Sudden Spell Secret of the Naderr Frame The Daily Life of Apprentice Sorcerers Thank You, Teacher The Training of Apprentice Sorcerers Training Against Manes Just in Case... A Concerned Mind Return to Allan Serbin A Deer in Love Got an Apple? W... Wait! Fool’s Request Fool's Hope Ornamental Sword Hidden in the Ruins Still Water on the Mountain Soldier's Grave A Trace of Frenzy The One Who Controls Death A Miserable Death Traces of The Mediah Royal Family Report to Allan Serbin The Missing Wagon A Matter of Provocation Getting Back Munitions Wandering Rogue Symbols What Can’t Be Ignored Something for the Report So Tiresome Report to Captain Sarma The Mane Problem The Manes’ Idol Warriors and Archers Great Big Giant Manes Knowing the Manes The Worst Manes For a Friend’s Concentration Armadillo Shield Where’s the Wagon? Unbelievable Experiment Material The Manes’ Symbol It's About Time... This is Urgent Awkward Request For a Cleaner Sea Calming Elixir Urgent Ingredient Request I Want a Student! Now Hiring a Talented Cook Feed for a Loving Family Because I'm Worth It Duel! King of Fishing Bitter Aloe The Special Taste of Aloe Yogurt Aloe Cookies Go with Yogurt A Beauty's Tastes A Dish with Dried Fish Fish Fillet Chips Ignar's Snack Nens Bailey's Dining Table [Repeat] Useful Junk [Repeat] Disgusting Guys [Repeat] Already Dead Moadi's Request [Processing Lv. 41] Need a Hand I [Processing Lv. 42] Need a Hand II [Processing Lv. 43] Need a Hand III [Processing Advancement Lv. 44] Work for Tarif [Processing Lv. 45] Need a Hand IV [Processing Lv. 46] How to Use a Crystal [Processing Advancement Lv. 47] Have to Give... [Processing Lv. 48] How to Make a Good Jewel [Processing Lv. 49] Strength to a Cursed Land... [Processing Advancement Lv50] Altinova's Prestige [Alchemy Lv. 41] Don't Get Hit [Alchemy Lv. 42] Don’t Fall [Alchemy Lv. 43] For a Single Blow [Alchemy Advancement Lv. 44] A Stronger Elixir [Alchemy Lv. 45] Experience is Important [Alchemy Lv. 46] Offense is the Best Recovery?! [Alchemy Advancement Lv. 47] Glorious Golden Hand [Alchemy Lv. 48] Can't Lose to a Sorcerer [Alchemy Lv. 49] An Elixir from Calpheon [Alchemy Advancement Lv. 50] Just an Alchemist [Gathering Lv. 41] Altinova Refugee Aid I [Gathering Lv. 42] Altinova Refugee Aid II [Gathering Lv. 43] Altinova Refugee Aid III [Gathering Advancement Lv. 44] Three Little Otters [Gathering Lv. 45] Altinova Refugee Aid IV [Gathering Lv. 46] Have You Tried Aloe? [Gathering Advancement Lv. 47] A Pickaxe that Lays Gold [Gathering Lv. 48] Luck Test I [Gathering Lv. 49] Luck Test II [Gathering Advancement Lv50] From the Hand of a Person [Cooking Lv. 39] For Those Leaving [Cooking Lv. 41] Food for Strength [Cooking Lv. 42] Delicious-Looking Food [Cooking Lv. 43] How to Preserve Fish [Cooking Advancement Lv. 44] Mediahn Food Culture [Cooking Lv. 45] Liquor of Altinova I [Cooking Lv. 46] Liquor of Altinova II [Cooking Advancement Lv. 47] All About Mediah Cuisine [Cooking Lv. 48] Food for Guests [Cooking Lv. 49] A Gift for Edman [Cooking Advancement Lv50] Full of Courage! [Combat Promotion] Uncomfortable Sea Otter [Combat Promotion] Conqueror [Combat Promotion] Supporting Porio [Hunting Level 37] Fugitive Khalk I [Hunting Level 40] Fugitive Khalk II [Hunting Level 44] The Precious Molar [Hunting Level 47] The Best Booty [Hunting Level 50] An Absolute Hunter [Fishing Lv. 44] A Challenge! The Master Fisher of Splashing Point [Fishing Lv. 47] Song of the Sea and Fish [Fishing Lv. 50] A Fishing Master [Farming Lv. 47] Essentials for Praying [Farming Lv. 50] Important Guests [Trading Lv. 44] Kusha Town Festival [Trading Lv. 47] High Quality Parchment [Trading Lv. 50] Unique Items from Mediah [Daily] Preparation for Escape [Daily] Where's Wallio? [Daily] Where's Wallio? [Daily] Where's Wallio? [Daily] Where's Wallio? [Daily] Where's Wallio? [Daily] Where's Wallio?