I Can Be Brave Story of the Blood Wolves Return of the Dead Mercenary The Decline of the Mercenary Office My Dear, Timid Friend Assisting Seiri’s Research Finally, Behold the Kagtunak Valuable Information Inverting the Energy An Archaeologist at Tshira Ruins Bronk Huts An Intervention from the Black Spirit Story of Baumim How Many Sheep? No, I am the real Baumim! Finding the Pregnant Sheep Wrapping Up the Story Bad Drinking Habit Nerman's Necklace Get Us a Drink! Cobra Liquor Especially For You To the Windy Peak Reveal Yourself! A Black Leopard Shrouded in Darkness A Trustworthy Friend Looking for Nerman A Fiery Temper Cleaning up the Streets Back to the Mercenary Office A Father Looking for His Daughter Kindred Spirit Looking for Hylva Frenzied Kagtum Art of Sharing [Repeat] Inverting the Energy The Lying Father Back in My Days Mercenary's Diary - Ogre Mercenary's Diary - Forest Ronaros Mercenary's Diary - Shultz Guard Dear Comrade I Want to Be Like Father! Unsettling Rumors Suspicious Investigation Report Follow the Clue The Detective Kids Proof of Lorca The Picture Diary Left Behind The House in Ruins I Miss You, My Dear For Dear Jordine The Endless Conflict Tira, an Investigator from Kamasylvia Invasive Ahib Dragon’s Presence Onward, Drieghan The Hunter We Hear Nothing of Encounter with Oden Sounds from the Cave Yahq’s Rite of Passage To Duvencrune Breathing Dragon Egg Curious Bronk Filthy Ones Transport Forbidden Zone An Incidental Story Those with Other Ideas Architecture of Truth Lost Egg that became Fossil Traces of Retaliation Dragon’s Truth, the Story of the Past [Repeat] Bronks Closing In [Repeat] Move Bronks’ Camp [Repeat] Guides of the Swamp [Repeat] Too Big to Not Notice [Repeat] Can’t Really Sit! [Repeat] A Moment in Time [Repeat] Signal of the Beacon Tower [Repeat] Battle of the Canyon [Repeat] Not up for a Fight [Repeat] Quartermaster in the Battlefield [Repeat] Lesson from Hard Labor [Repeat] Flag of Return [Repeat] Skill or Repairing [Repeat] Prayer of Life [Repeat] Prayer of Wealth [Repeat] Prayer of Forgiveness [Repeat] Prayer of Hope [Repeat] Undeniable Temptation [Repeat] Early Education at Best [Repeat] Tools from Overseas [Repeat] Driving the Light Wagon [Repeat] Lost Friend [Repeat] Unstoppable Yena [Repeat] Nutrients of Duvencrune [Repeat] Naive Epicurean [Repeat] Pride of Little Gentleman [Repeat] What’s Needed for House Chores [Repeat] The Moving Stone [Repeat] Study of New Textile [Repeat] Hero of Sherekhan [Repeat] The One to Face the Ordeal [Repeat] Mad Garud [Repeat] Destructive Lateh [Repeat] Silent Belcadas [Repeat] Swift Nybrica [Repeat] Protective Federik Flawless Timber [Repeat] Rising Star in Lumbering [Repeat] Leave Carrying up to Me! [Repeat] Daily Tasks as an Supervisor [Repeat] Thuja Trees at the Lumber Camp [Repeat] Lumbering Isn’t Everything A Chef with Dragon Hands Depth of Flavor: Ghormeh Sabzi Fire Control: Roast Mamott Food that Unites the Region Dragon Chef: Special Drieghanese Meal [Repeat] For the Better Meal [Repeat] Traces of Hard Work [Repeat] Tool of the Master Chef The Nervous Alchemist Seiri’s New Draught [Repeat] Spiral Elixir [Repeat] Seiri’s Teacher [Repeat] Strategy to Get the Blueprint Messanger of Kamasylvia Chasing Ahib Proof of Brand Extract Dark Energy Light to Drive Out the Darkness No Turning Back The Freedom of Death Illuminating the Past Tira Ignis Crio in love with Krienak Falls Delicious fish! Fresh fish! What was it? Was it fish? [Repeat] Before Setting Off Again