[Hexe Sanctuary IV] Purifying the Hexe Sanctuary Toll White Lie for Toby Herb of Deep Breath State-of-the-Art Firearm The Deadliest Metal Reinventing an Old Weapon How to Survive the Wilderness Old Moon Guild and Survival Skill Nightmare in Crioville For the Root Nymph Offer the Fish Inside the Cave A Fishy Offering [Drieghan] Queen Brolina’s Summons A Message from Drieghan To Ahib Conflict Zone Duvencrune A Familiar Face Military Supply Pact The Leader of Duvencrune Spread of Terror A Crimson Shadow Current State of Affairs The Closest Place to the Skies A Blade at Nose’s Tip The Missing Report The Frontlines Infiltrating Enemy Grounds A Talking Wolf The Great Garmoth Stranded People A Wolf with White Fur Wolves That Eat Rocks Collecting Samples A Report for the Chief A Turn of Events Dragons and the Black Stones Sacred Necropolis Shadows Loitering the Sacred Necropolis Intuition of an Investigator The Arisen Founders Fountain of Origin The Sherekhans’ Approval Resting Place of the Founders Reaching Out To Duvencrune Crippling Fear [Drieghan] A Message from the Queen Land of Endless Conflict The War Situation at the Post Investigator Tira Sweet Interrogation Shadow Assassin To the Land of Dragons No News is Not Good News Injured Hunter Wailing Cave Yahq’s Teachings To Duvencrune [Repeat] Burning Heritage Ranchini the Liar I Ranchini the Liar II Ranchini the Liar III Ranchini the Liar IV Ranchini the Liar V Ranchini the Liar VI Old Mountain Lover I Old Mountain Lover II An Old Man’s Greed A Son’s Greed [Gathering] Strong Timber [Processing] The Beauty of Planks [Processing] Glossy Plywood [Gathering] The Tears of Trees [Gathering] Ow, My Stomach [Repeat] Missing Shepherd Boy [Repeat] Let’s Play Hide-and-Seek [Repeat] Cute and Delicious Tame Griffons Cut Them All Down Homesickness [Fishing] A Fisher with Big Dreams [Hunting] Tender Meat [Repeat] Dreadful Guanaco [Repeat] Ancient Symbol Winning over the Drieghanese Chief Priestess Camira Ancient Drieghanese Documents Chenga Sherekhan The Return of the Sherekhans Nutritious Llama Meat My Precious Sister Persuading Camira A Promise Between Sisters Worshipers of Garmoth Showing Respect A Soft Heart Leon the Dragon Scholar Leafing through Leaf Keepers I’ve Been Robbed! The Power of Beer The Dragon’s Shadow A Sensitive Crisis Sacred Spring Peace The Last Ritual A Hero’s Return Deian’s Schemes A Gift for a Hero Feathers for Arrows Plucking Feathers Urgent Message For the Scout I For the Scout II Patrolling from up High Drieghanese Cooking Secrets A Foreigner’s Tantrum Forbidden Drink Someone to Share a Drink With [Repeat] Gluttonous Guanacos Winning a Woman’s Heart Cowardly Love Wandering Sister Sparkling Rocks Going Spelunking Hungry Wolves Trouble at Gayak Guard Post Yahq’s Troubles Nutritious Yak Supplying Food The Makings of a Courser Signal to Retreat Crimson Statues [Repeat] Desire for Revenge Special Ointment Cowardly Friend Stolen Supplies: Witness Stolen Supplies: Clues Stolen Supplies: Suspect Tokens of Courage My Dear Niece Brave Child News of Murmin Precarious Bridge Urgent Intel Eastern Beacon