Help Make Bombs The Only Way for a Brother The Best Worker in Keplan What Chobara Can't Do Diamond Inside? Good Boots are Made of Sheep Hide Flower Farm Before Andria Is Seen... Excellent Magnate A Man Better than Coal (?) Materials for Skills Pure Iron Crystal [Processing] Looking for a Woodcutting Expert... Repulsive Rats Rats Make My Blood Boil... My Own Logic Good Resource Supplier Too Many Problems Must Grasp at Straws Mad Scientist's Test Subject Rising Forces For the Villagers' Safety Deep-Rooted Ecology Finders Keepers Monsters Have More Than 3 Legs Underperforming Quarry Did You Say Rock Spider? Must Hold the Bridge Food For Workers Inferior and Useless Beings Mutant Raid Mom and Child What an Alchemist Needs Noisy Uninvited Guests Very Precious Hide Watch Your Step While on Patrol A terrifying monster Have You Heard of Iguanas? Let the Slaughter Begin Annoying Small Fry Saunil Elites A Task That's Not for Anyone Block the Charge Commander's Head on the Flag Saunil Elder Staff Problem at Border Farm Do Kuku Birds cry Kuku? Substitute Bowl Come to Think of It, I'm Angry! Find a New Home Drive Out the Warriors The Best Warm, Waterproof Hide Stop Them If You Want to Live An Eerie Sort of Research An Item to Exchange for Hypha Milk for an Old Man Milk a Cow Short-Handed Bain Farm Materials for Making a Chicken Coop Defeat Petrified Miners Frenzied Creatures Wipe ‘Em Out Those Who Hurt People To the Glutoni Dwelling Giants Taking All the Lead Sunrise Herb to Keplan Water for Flowers Cheetah Dragon Blood Red Tree Lump Gotta Pluck Them All Usable Feathers Need More Feathers Hunting to Extinction Core of Clear Water To the Ancient Light... [Repeat] Defeat Mutant Glutonis [Repeat] Defeat Young Glutonis [Repeat] Defeat Medium-Sized Glutonis [Repeat] Get Rid of the Giants [Repeat] Defeat Giant Fighters [Repeat] Defeat Giant Warriors An Ostracized Pioneer Protect the Town's Flower Garden Block the Strategy Leak Need Sheep Blood For Farm Development Tree Blood Blood with Damp Energy Bear Blood Urgently Needed Precious Forge Material For a Comfortable Bed Precious Bloody Collection Low on Wise Man's Blood Where are Ghost Mushrooms? Ominous Information Something Beedle Knows The Token of a Curse... What Tobare Discovered Report to Basquean Ljurik [Daily] Unfinished Business #Cron Castle [Daily] Unfinished Business #Serendia Shrine [Daily] Unfinished Business #Calpheon Shrine [Daily] Unfinished Business #Shadow Knights [EXC] Ring of Concentrated Magical Power Exchange 4/4 [EXC] Earring of Concentrated Magical Power 4/4 [EXC] Ring of Sealed Magical Power 5/5 [EXC] Earring of Sealed Magical Power 5/5 [Gathering Advancement Lv30] Silence of an Alchemist [Gathering Advancement Lv34] Gone With the Fire [Daily] Help Her Secretly An Audience with the Calpheon High Priest Prove your belief. Fists Over Words What is the Taste of Heaven? Repay a Friend Annoying Jellyfish Water Strider Mystery Catfishman Identity Roccio's Dispatch Show Your Abilities Stop the Overfishing Catfishman Total War My Old Friends A Taste of Mud Invisible Special Fish Need Sliced Fish This is Great! Rhutums' Threat Who are the Rhutums? Powerful Rhutums Weapon Production Report Lumbering Field Experience Who's Not Working? Sunrise Herb for Hangovers Worse Than an Ogre Young Treant Tree Timber An Ornament Worth Something Serbianca of Trent Augusta the Innkeeper Decorating Augusta's Inn Furniture Dealer Mayeri Mayeri's Concern A Wooden Sword is Weak Suspicious Treant Spirit Root Treant is the Best Medicine Trent Worker Experience? Better Work Longleaf Tree Sentry Post Nelydormin's Request