Valks' Longsword (1 Day) Valks' Shield (1 Day) Valks' Longbow (1 Day) Valks' Dagger (1 Day) Valks' Amulet (1 Day) Valks' Talisman (1 Day) Valks' Axe (1 Day) Valks' Ornamental Knot (1 Day) Valks' Shortsword (1 Day) Valks' Trinket (1 Day) Valks' Blade (1 Day) Valks' Horn Bow (1 Day) Valks' Staff (1 Day) Valks' Kunai (1 Day) Valks' Shuriken (1 Day) Valks' Kriegsmesser (1 Day) Valks' Gauntlet (1 Day) Valks' Vambrace (1 Day) Valks’ Crescent Pendulum (1 Day) Valks' Noble Sword (1 Day) Valks' Great Sword (1 Day) Valks’ Scythe (1 Day) Valks’ Iron Buster (1 Day) Valks' Kamasylven Sword (1 Day) Valks' Celestial Bo Staff (1 Day) Valks' Lancia (1 Day) Valks' Crescent Blade (1 Day) Valks' Kerispear (1 Day) Valks' Sura Katana (1 Day) Valks' Sah Chakram (1 Day) Valks' Aad Sphera (1 Day) Valks' Godr Sphera (1 Day) Valks' Vediant (1 Day) Valks' Gardbrace (1 Day) Valks' Cestus (1 Day) Valks' Crimson Glaives (1 Day) Valks' Belt (1 Day) Valks’ Necklace (1 Day) Valks’ Earring (1 Day) Valks’ Ring (1 Day) Valks’ Helmet (1 Day) Valks' Armor (1 Day) Valks’ Gloves (1 Day) Valks’ Shoes (1 Day) An Inn in Velia Chief's Granddaughter Runaway Chicken Daphne Farm Needs Help Lost Necklace Enter the Nightmare Meeting Protocol #1 Meeting Protocol #2 Pirates! Materials for Alchemy Cron's Current Condition [Co-op] Story on Cron Castle Cat on the Roof Cat on the Roof Those Seagulls! House and Mouse A Threat on the Intersection The Rumored Cave The Bane of the Western Guard Camp Troublemaker of the Mountain Rare Gray Fur Toscani Farm A Coward Wild Boars Plunderers of DelLucci Farm Trip to Heidel Parasitic Bee Honey A Gift for a Husband Who's the Toughest? Forest of Seclusion Coward Rovant Beasts at the Crops A Letter for Emma Artemio, Incarnation of Revenge Secrets to Infinite Life Knowledge is Money Ritual for a Large Haul Cliff's Writing Who Owns the Gloves? New Practice Wooden Sword The Ancient Weapon The Awakened Ones Velia and the Ancient Legend Express Delivery Incas In Danger Watch Out, Santo Manzi Claire's Son Why Did the Goblins Run Away? Why Did the Goblins Run Away? Jewelry Thieves Edan the Explorer Experience of the Ancients Lost Helmet Carefully Polished Necklace Pouch of Rough Gemstones Model Soldier A Soldier and his Mom Save the Earth How to Use a Potion Material Vendor Sady Skill Instructor Tachros Tachros's Skills A Prepared Adventurer Understanding the Basics The Adventure Begins Cleaning for Lolly The Chief of Olvia