[Tamer] Gentleman Mustache [Tamer] Cat Whiskers [Tamer] Babel Piercing [Event] Elion's Tear [Event] Small Energy Tonic [Event] Medium Energy Tonic [Event] Large Energy Tonic [Event] Ear Cuff (7 Days) [Event] Ear Ornament 2 [Event] Ear Ornament 3 [Event] Patrigio's Lamplight (7 Days) [Event] Unknown Dye Box Bundle [Event] Luck Increase Scroll [Event] Max HP Increase Scroll [Event] Elion's Blessing [Event] Item Brand Spell Stone [Event] Tear of Repentance [Event] Piercing (7 Days) [Event] Mouth Accessory 2 [Event] Mouth Accessory 3 [Event] Mount Resurrection Reset [Event] Glasses (7 Days) [Event] Eye Accessory 2 [Event] Eye Accessory 3 [Event] Horse Max. Recovery Potion [Event] Rice Cake Soup PC Cafe VIP Pack PC Cafe Gift Box Daily Gift Box [Event] Large Energy Tonic [Event] Appearance Change Coupon (1 Time) [Event] Combat Skill Reset [Event] Unknown Dye Box Bundle [Loyalties] Character Slot Expansion Coupon [Event] Extra Large HP Potion [PC Cafe] HP Potion (Small) [PC Cafe] HP Potion (Medium) [PC Cafe] HP Potion (Large) [PC Cafe] MP Potion (Small) [PC Cafe] MP Potion (Medium) [PC Cafe] MP Potion (Large) [PC Cafe] Melee AP Enhancer [PC Cafe] Ranged AP Enhancer [PC Cafe] Magic AP Enhancer [PC Cafe] Melee Damage Reducer [PC Cafe] Ranged Damage Reducer [PC Cafe] Magic Damage Reducer [PC Cafe] Carrot [PC Cafe] Capturing Rope Inventory +2 Expansion Warrior Black Desert Edition Launch Commemorative Horse Emblem Box Ranger Black Desert Edition Sorceress Black Desert Edition Berserker Black Desert Edition Warrior Black Edition Ranger Black Edition Sorceress Black Edition Berserker Black Edition Warrior Desert Edition Ranger Desert Edition Sorceress Desert Edition Berserker Desert Edition 11 Level Adventure Box 14 Level Adventure Box 18 Level Adventure Box 21 Level Adventure Box 24 Level Adventure Box 27 Level Adventure Box 29 Level Adventure Box 31 Level Adventure Box [Event] Purnado Armor (7 Days) [Event] Purnado Gloves (7 Days) [Event] Purnado Shoes (7 Days) Jackpot Gift Box [Event] Santa Hat [Event] Horse Flute (7 Days) [Event] Horse Flute (7 Days) [Event] Patrigio's Lamplight (7 Days) [Event] 17 Level Achievement Box [Event] 7 Level Achievement Box [Event] Extra Combat EXP Scroll [Event] Extra Skill EXP Scroll [Event] Extra Life EXP Scroll [Loyalties] Partial Combat Skill Reset [Event] Mediah Meal [Event] Valentine Chocolate [Event] Handmade Valentine Chocolate [Event] Special Valentine Chocolate [Event] Hot Chocolate [Event] Valentine Chocolate Pack [Event] Elixir of Oblivion [Event] Inventory +2 Expansion Coupon [Event] Jackpot Box [Event] Rare Box [Event] Sour Candy [Event] King Candy [Event] Stardust Candy [Event] Candy Basket [Event] Mount Skill Change Coupon (7 Days) [Event] Extra Mount EXP Scroll [Event] Appearance Change Coupon (7 Days) [Event] Combat Skill Reset (7 Days) [Musa] Bronze Ear Cuff [Musa] Nazan Ear Cuff [Musa] Khaled Ear Cuff [Musa] Badane Glasses [Musa] Barrack Eyepatch [Musa] Raven Piercing [Musa] Inquirer's Glasses [Musa] Ellen Glasses [Musa] Owl Horn-rimmed Glasses [Musa] Metal Nose Accessory [Musa] Metal Piercing [Musa] Round Piercing [Musa] Robert Boxer Briefs [Musa] Basic Underwear [Musa] Python Boxer Briefs [Musa] Airblock Boxer Briefs [Musa] Epheria Marine Boxer Briefs [Valkyrie] Venslar Helmet [Valkyrie] Venslar Armor [Valkyrie] Venslar Shoes (Long) [Valkyrie] Venslar Shoes (Short) [Valkyrie] Splat Fisher's Hat [Valkyrie] Splat Fisher's Clothes [Valkyrie] Treant Camouflage Armor [Valkyrie] Treant Camouflage Helmet [Valkyrie] Grolia Hat [Valkyrie] Venia Riding Attire [Valkyrie] Lahr Arcien Helmet (R) [Valkyrie] Lahr Arcien Armor (R) [Valkyrie] Lahr Arcien Shoes (R) [Valkyrie] Puff Mini Helmet [Valkyrie] Puff Mini Armor [Valkyrie] Puff Mini Gloves [Valkyrie] Puff Mini Shoes [Valkyrie] Trilby Hat [Valkyrie] Parnash Helmet [Valkyrie] Parnash Armor [Valkyrie] Parnash Shoes [Valkyrie] Parnash Shoes (Long Boots) [Valkyrie] Atanis Helmet [Valkyrie] Atanis Armor [Valkyrie] Atanis Shoes [Valkyrie] Venecil Hair Ornament [Valkyrie] Venecil Dress [Valkyrie] Venecil Gloves