Ring of a Beggar wanting to be a Wealthy Merchant Map of the Elite Lafi Baregres Upgraded Compass Starfish Potion Horse Emblem : Diné's Nightmare Cough of Valks GM's Blessing 2 [Event] Golden Troupe Coin [Event] Golden Imp Coin [Event] Lost Fairy Bag Golden Arena of Arsha Arena of Arsha Reward Box GM's Letter [Event] Moon Shard [Event] Star Shard [Event] Luminous Token [Event] Moon Shard [Event] Star Shard [Event] Luminous Token [Event] Ramaz's Seal [Event] Ramaz's Meal Golden Pig's Blessing [Event] Book of Repentance Caphras Stone Bundle [Battlefield] Instant HP Potion (XL) [Event] Gold Bar Box [Event] Pearl Box - 800 [Event] Treasure Map Piece [Event] Washed-up Laundry [Event] Verdure Draught [Event] Beast's Draught [Event] Giant's Draught [Event] Savage Draught [Event] Seafood Cron Meal [Event] Simple Cron Meal [Event] Exquisite Cron Meal [Event] Energizing Cron Meal [Event] High-Quality Draught Box [Event] High-Quality Food Box [Event] Palong's Special Meal [Event] Palong's Special Meal 2 [Event] Terrmian Harpoon [Event] Terrmian Treasure Chest [Event] Red Ball [Event] Green Ball [Event] Blue Ball [Event] Golden Ball [Event] Tenacity Reward [Event] Persistence Reward [Event] Patience Reward [Event] Roar of the fans Mirumok Destroyer Offin Reward Bundle [Event] Special Parfait [Event] Special Ice Flower Sweets [Event] Alchemy Society's Reward Box [Event] Returning Adventurer Box [Event] Golden Seal of Panto PC Café The One Who Saw the Future [Event] Black Desert Adventurer Support Box [Event] New Adventurer Travel Kit [Event] Lv.11 Travel Kit [Event] Lv. 20 Travel Kit [Event] Lv. 30 Travel Kit [Event] Lv.35 Travel Kit [Event] Lv. 40 Travel Kit [Event] Lv.45 Travel Kit [Event] Lv. 50 Travel Kit [Event] Lv.53 Travel Kit [Event] Lv.55 Travel Kit [Event] Lv.56 Travel Kit [Event] Black Cloaked Dog Pack [Event] Jasmine Flower [Event] Present for Mom [Guild] Damaged Map Piece [Event] Restored Afuaru's Map Late Summer Night's Wish Box Late Summer Night's Dream Box Divine Lahr Arcien Horse Gear Package [Event] UberEats Gift Box [Event] Durandal Outfit Box [Event] Valoren Outfit Box [Event] Golden Seal of Panto [Event] Gear Crafting Materials Box I [Event] Gear Crafting Materials Box II [Event] Cooking Ingredients Box I [Event] Cooking Ingredients Box II [Event] Professional Worker Contract Bundle (Velia) [Event] Professional Worker Contract Bundle (Heidel) [Event] Fishing Boat Materials Box [Event] Special Seed Bag Late Summer Night's Wish Box Late Summer Night's Dream Box Edan/Orwen’s Travel Wear Box Pouch of Abundant Luck Burning Gift Box Premium Burning Gift Box [Event] Black Fabric [Event] Garnier Troupe Garb Design Bundle [Event] Jarette's Armor Design Bundle [Event] Jordine's Casual Wear Design Bundle [Event] Valencian Travel Wear Design Bundle [Event] Black Leopard Armor Design Bundle [Event] Lv. 57 Travel Kit [Event] Lv. 58 Travel Kit [Event] Lv. 59 Travel Kit