[Guild] Siege Defense Tower [Node] Square Fort Desert Tent Tool [Guild] Elephant Trap [Guild] Outpost [Guild] Barricade [Guild] Recovery Center [Guild] Cannon Observatory [Guild] Elephant Nursery [Guild] Fort Restoration Center [Guild] Landmine Factory [Guild] Bomb Factory [Guild] Chariot Factory [Guild] Arrow for Hwacha [Guild] Oil for Flame Tower [Guild] Flame Tower [Guild] Hwacha [Guild] Hwacha Launcher [Guild] Flame Tower Assembly Set [Guild] Enhanced Cannon Observatory [Guild] Enhanced Flame Tower [Guild] Big Hwacha [Node] Strong Square Fort [Node] Sturdy Square Fort [Guild] Supply Depot [Guild] Old Hwacha Arrows [Guild] Oil for Old Flame Tower [Guild] Old Flame Tower [Guild] Old Hwacha [Guild] Arrow for Big Hwacha [Guild] Oil for Enhanced Flame Tower [Practice] Lynch Cannon Assembly Set [Guild] Wooden Fence Gate [Guild] Wooden Fence [Guild] Cannon Ball for Ship [Conquest] Field HQ [Guild] Medium Siege Tower [Guild] Large Siege Tower [Guild] Medium Siege Tower Factory [Guild] Large Siege Tower Factory Cannon Ball for Ship [Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory Chariot Cannonball Chariot Flame Cannonball Chariot Practice Cannonball Vype Stoner Cannon Assembly Kit Monster Basher [Savage] Flame Tower [Savage] Hwacha [Savage] Barricade [Savage] Oil for Flame Tower [Savage] Arrow for Hwacha [Savage] Instant HP Potion (Extra Large) [Savage] Instant MP Potion (Extra Large) [Savage] High-concentrated Herbal Juice [Savage] HP Potion (Extra Large) [Savage] MP Potion (Extra Large) [Savage] Medical Kit [Savage] Flashbang [Savage] Fire Shot [Savage] Poison Shot [Savage] Matchlock [Savage] Black Stone (Weapon) [Savage] Stun Trap [Savage] Flame Trap [Savage] Venom Trap [Savage] Ankle Trap Coconut Cannon Assembly Kit Coconut Cannonball [Savage] Lynch Cannon Assembly Set [Savage] Rift Cannon Ball [Savage] Matchlock Ammo Fragment of Rift [Savage] Enhanced Matchlock [Savage] Iron Barricade [Savage] Defense Tower [Savage] EXP Scroll [Savage] Iron Ingot [Savage] Wooden Fence Gate [Savage] Wooden Fence [Node] Square Fort [Guild] Barricade Shield Test [Guild] Trina Matchlock [Guild] Trina Lead Bullet [Guild] Trina Demolition Axe [Hunting] Sniper Rifle Lantern Hood: For Test Use Reset All Combat Skill Point Reset 10 Combat Skill Point Expand 4 Inventory Slots Change Velia Storage Slot Limit (4) [Invitation] Arena of Arsha [Guild] Emblem Certificate [Test] Socket Jewel 100% [Test] Socket Jewel 0% Potion for Regen Test Only Increase Karma +100 Increase Karma +30,000 Reduce Karma -30,000 Reduce Karma -100 Increase Morale (100%) Acquire EXP (1,000,000) Letter Paper_Development Use Increase Guild Karma +100 Increase Guild Karma +1,000 Increase Guild Karma +30,000 Reduce Guild Karma -100 Reduce Guild Karma -1,000 Reduce Guild Karma -30,000 EXP Increase (1) EXP Increase (A) EXP Increase (B) EXP Increase (C) Comeuppance (Karma Reduction) Kydict's Weapon Box Kydict's Sub-Weapon Box Kydict's Awakening Weapon Box Kydict Gear Package Expand Inventory Expand Storage Premium Buff Test_Worker Recovery 1 Test_Worker Recovery 2 Test_Worker Recovery 3 Test_Worker Recovery 4 Test_Worker Recovery 5 Test_Worker Recovery 6 Test_Worker Recovery 7 Deputy Token Fairy Queen's Might Operator Ring (DP) Operator Helmet Operator Armor Operator Gloves Operator Shoes Shoes of Ascension_25 Shoes of Ascension_50 Shoes of Ascension_75