[Guild] Hwacha [Guild] Hwacha Launcher [Guild] Flame Tower Assembly Set [Guild] Enhanced Cannon Observatory [Guild] Enhanced Flame Tower [Guild] Big Hwacha [Node] Strong Square Fort [Node] Sturdy Square Fort [Guild] Supply Depot [Guild] Old Hwacha Arrows [Guild] Oil for Old Flame Tower [Guild] Old Flame Tower [Guild] Old Hwacha [Guild] Arrow for Big Hwacha [Guild] Oil for Enhanced Flame Tower [Practice] Lynch Cannon Assembly Set [Guild] Wooden Fence Gate [Guild] Wooden Fence [Guild] Cannon Ball for Ship [Conquest] Field HQ [Guild] Medium Siege Tower [Guild] Large Siege Tower [Guild] Medium Siege Tower Factory [Guild] Large Siege Tower Factory Cannon Ball for Ship [Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory Chariot Cannonball Chariot Flame Cannonball Chariot Practice Cannonball Vype Stoner Cannon Assembly Kit Monster Basher [Savage] Flame Tower [Savage] Hwacha [Savage] Barricade [Savage] Oil for Flame Tower [Savage] Arrow for Hwacha [Savage] Instant HP Potion (Extra Large) [Savage] Instant MP Potion (Extra Large) [Savage] High-concentrated Herbal Juice [Savage] HP Potion (Extra Large) [Savage] MP Potion (Extra Large) [Savage] Medical Kit [Savage] Flashbang [Savage] Fire Shot [Savage] Poison Shot [Savage] Matchlock [Savage] Black Stone (Weapon) [Savage] Stun Trap [Savage] Flame Trap [Savage] Venom Trap [Savage] Ankle Trap Coconut Cannon Assembly Kit Coconut Cannonball [Savage] Lynch Cannon Assembly Set [Savage] Rift Cannon Ball [Savage] Matchlock Ammo Fragment of Rift [Savage] Enhanced Matchlock [Savage] Iron Barricade [Savage] Defense Tower [Savage] EXP Scroll [Savage] Iron Ingot [Savage] Wooden Fence Gate [Savage] Wooden Fence [Node] Square Fort [Guild] Barricade Shield Test [Guild] Trina Matchlock [Guild] Trina Lead Bullet [Guild] Trina Demolition Axe [Hunting] Sniper Rifle Lantern Hood: For Test Use Reset All Combat Skill Point Reset 10 Combat Skill Point Expand 4 Inventory Slots Change Velia Storage Slot Limit (4) [Invitation] Arena of Arsha [Guild] Emblem Certificate [Test] Socket Jewel 100% [Test] Socket Jewel 0% Potion for Regen Test Only Increase Karma +100 Increase Karma +30,000 Reduce Karma -30,000 Reduce Karma -100 Increase Morale (100%) Acquire EXP (1,000,000) Letter Paper_Development Use Increase Guild Karma +100 Increase Guild Karma +1,000 Increase Guild Karma +30,000 Reduce Guild Karma -100 Reduce Guild Karma -1,000 Reduce Guild Karma -30,000 EXP Increase (1) EXP Increase (A) EXP Increase (B) EXP Increase (C) Comeuppance (Karma Reduction) Kydict's Weapon Box Kydict's Sub-Weapon Box Kydict's Awakening Weapon Box Kydict Gear Package Expand Inventory Expand Storage Premium Buff Test_Worker Recovery 1 Test_Worker Recovery 2 Test_Worker Recovery 3 Test_Worker Recovery 4 Test_Worker Recovery 5 Test_Worker Recovery 6 Test_Worker Recovery 7 Deputy Token Fairy Queen's Might Operator Ring (DP) Operator Helmet Operator Armor Operator Gloves Operator Shoes Shoes of Ascension_25 Shoes of Ascension_50 Shoes of Ascension_75 Empty Bottle for QA Lumbering Axe for QA Fluid Collector for QA Hoe for QA Butcher Knife for QA Tanning Knife for QA Pickaxe for QA Tweezers for QA Super Worker for QA (Velia) Super Worker for QA (Heidel) Super Worker for QA (Glish) Super Worker for QA (Calpheon City) Operator Ring (AP) Super Worker for QA (Keplan) Super Worker for QA (Trent) Operator Earring (HP)