[Event] Cacao Chocolate [Event] Spellbound Tool Box [Event] Warrior's Fighting Spirit [Event] Sage's Wisdom [Event] Blessing of Ruler [Event] Brave Spirit Desert Seal x3 Reward Bundle Desert Seal x6 Reward Bundle Desert Seal x9 Reward Bundle Desert Seal x12 Reward Bundle [Event] Thank-You Letter of Deve [Event] Thank-You Letter of Bareeds III [Event] Thank-You Letter of Ahon Kirus [Event] Hazy Snowflake [Event] Cacao Seed Bundle [Combat] Trina Matchlock [Event] Vodka [Event] Blini Intermediate Accessory Box [Event] Paella [Event] Sweet Candy [Event] Empty Pack +2 Silver Embroidered Clothes Box [Event] Sweet Candy Pack [Event] Flower Bouquet - [Event] Cherry Blossom [Event] Delicate Cherry Blossom Ornament Box [Event] Resplendent Cherry Blossom Ornament Box [Event] Shining Cherry Blossom Ornament Box [Event] Cherry Blossom [Event] Delicate Cherry Blossom Ornament Box [Event] Resplendent Cherry Blossom Ornament Box [Event] Shining Cherry Blossom Ornament Box Accessory Box [Striker] Underwear Box 3 Assassin's Seal Reward Bundle 5 Assassin's Seal Reward Bundle 8 Assassin's Seal Reward Bundle 12 Assassin's Seal Reward Bundle Life Flondor Goose Egg Star Pattern Flondor Goose Egg Raindrop Flondor Goose Egg Rainbow Flondor Goose Egg Black Spirit Flondor Goose Egg Mystical Golden Egg Mystical Golden Egg [Event] Medal of Warrior [Combat] Trina Lead Bullet [Event] Old Moon Guild Gift [Event] Striker's Seal Courser Awakening Material Box [Combat] Matchlock 2 [Combat] Matchlock Ammo 2 [Event] Bowl of Spirit [Event] Energy of Spirit [Event] Terrmian Coin [Event] Terrmian Seal [Event] Gift of Spirit [Event] Terrmian Coconut [Event] Bright Gift Box [Event] Awakening Weapon Box Exchange Coupon [Event] Growling Box [Event] Treasure Chest of Passion [Event] Watermelon Salad [Event] Mango Juice [Event] Parfait [Event] Ice Flower Snack [Event] Diving Action [Event] Sky Clam Hammer [Event] Shabby Shovel [Event] Shining Pearl Treasure Chest [Event] Ghost Ship Treasure Chest [Event] Terrmian Festival Entry Coupon [Event] Tulem's Coin [Event] Tulem's Gift Box [Event] Terrmian Matchlock Book from the Great Library of GrĂ¡na Fine Accessory Box Streamer Support Box [Event] Play [Event] Black [Event] Desert [Event] Now [Event] Black Desert Present [Event] Terrmian Fruit [Mystic] Underwear Box Streamer Reward Box Streamer Supreme Reward Box [Event] Jenny's Special Bucket [Event] Bucket Filled with Sand [Event] Shining Pearl Treasure Chest [Event] Returning Adventurer Support Box III [Event] Cron Fragment Big Garnier Firecracker Box [Combat] Trina Demolition Axe [Event] Mystic's Seal [Event] Halloween Coin [Event] Experience From Battle Elion Divine Cannonball Gannicus's Magic Bullet Seeker's Hawk Terrmian Fishing Rod Streamer Gift Box [Event] Kamasylvia Box [Event] Halloween Pumpkin Cookie [Event] Halloween Gift Box Witch's Bloody Brooch [Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box [Event] Shakatu's Rarity Box Combat EXP/Skill EXP Gain +3% Movement Speed +10% Attack Speed & Casting Speed +5% Damage from Monsters -8% Extra Damage against Monsters +12 All Accuracy +10 High-Quality Mysterious Accessory [Event] Mobile Pre-Registration Support Box [Event] Choco Stick Box High-Quality Mysterious Necklace [Event] Choco Stick [Event] Wrapping Paper [Event] Turkey Meat [Event] Cranberry Sauce [Event] Mashed Potato [Event] Roast Turkey Feast Old Moon Harpoon