Tree Spirit Essence Old Goblin Dagger Magical Green Orb Sharp Helmet Fragment Sharp Club Fragment Shoddy Belt Fragment Sturdy Shoes Sharp Bone Fragment Large Pincers Shoddy Pickaxe Cursed Horn Lustrous Feather Rock Pickaxe Spell Powder Magic Powder Flimsy Trumpet Sharp Club Old Longsword Old Longbow Old Axe Brand Token Shiny Shoes Sticky Liquid Broken Rhutum Fang Specter Essence Black Hood Shabby Round Shield Old Dagger Gravekeeper's Necklace Hard Wooden Fragment Black Spirit Soul Water Thin Wings Poorly Trimmed Hide Firewood Well-trimmed Tree Sculpting Wood Strong Rope Green Imp Orb Imp Hunting Net Imp Amulet Ornament Scorched Cauldron Rope Goblin Giant Tower Symbol Tied-Up Boar Redeye Wood Bundle of Boar Fur Rebel Flag Rusted Rebel Quiver Cloth from the Rebel Barracks Rebel Supplies Box Rebel Barricade Statue Head Fragment Cultist Flag Fogan Amulet Fragment Flimsy Fogan Quiver Fogan Crescent Spear Black Dirt Wagon Wheel Altar Imp’s Flag Cloth from the Altar Imp Barracks Pigpen Metal Bars Orc's Red Mushroom Kuku Bird Egg Honey Viscous Liquid Flamingo Egg Plank Fragment Torn Net Contorted Basket Tough Boar Meat Tough Red Boar Meat Wolf Meat Metal Armor Fragment Giant Shell Sticky Spider Web Ruins Rock Fragment Ancient Artifact Pot Book about the Causes of Illness Contaminated Tooth Thick Hide Cursed Crystal Troll Hide Huge Spear Dented Armor Ornament Water Plant Calpheon Defense Token Hard Tree Bark Tough Tree Root Horned Helmet Horned Mace Wooden Armor Dragon Head Crystal Staff Old Double-Edge Axe Longs’ Longbow Shattered Helmet Black Cloak Calpheon Rat Tail Grandma’s Chick [Guild] Pledge of the Blood Lasti's Rabbit Gold Key Silver Key Bronze Key Runaway Chicken Shining Feather Hard Timber Fragment Corrupt Crystal Shimmering Green Liquid Broken Shackles Rock Fragment Useful Coin Pouch Bunch of Loose Manehair Cracked Molar Fragment Sturdy Shell Golem Fragment Helmet Ornament Armor Fragment Robe Piece Cultist's Token Mark of Frenzy Spell Necklace Ornament Lucky Branch Hunter’s Seal Elaborate Metal Part Rock Fragment Broken Metal Piece Broken Timber Broken Horn Token of Promise Old Identification Tag Sausan Supplies Package Memory Fragment Trace of Memory Catfishman Scale Rhutum Amulet Mad Scientist's Research Journal Black Seal Titium’s Broken Stone Siege Captain’s Broken Horn Red Nose’s Blade Fragment Giath’s Mask Fragment Bheg’s Iron Mace Fragment Pirate Bandana Mysterious Rock Fragment Mutant Tree Spirit Core Pugnose Molar Seal of Promise