Resplendent Gold Ore Naruba's Skystone Mystical Horn Cool Stone Mystical Piece of Wood Weathered Leaf Ancient Sap Branch Imbued with Forest Magic Itsy-Bitsy Bug Essence of Fire Essence of Water Essence of Forest Essence of Metal Essence of Earth Essence of Spirit Blacksmith's Gloves Gloves Imbued with Water Energy Heavy Draught Special Rainbow Fruit Golden Apple [Event] Alchemy Society's Contribution Ribbon [Event] Alchemy Society's Contribution Insignia [Event] Alchemy Society's Contribution Medal Lost Hieroglyphics Writing Hieroglyphics Writing Old Iron Ore Shiny Iron Ore Rough Iron Ore Polished Iron Ore Heavy Iron Ore Deep Sea Iron Ore Overflowing Earth Energy Red Joy Scarlet Anger Yellow Sorrow Green Joy Blue Love Indigo Hatred Purple Greed Essence of Light Essence of Darkness Crude Lockpick Teleport to Terrmian Darkness #1 Teleport to Terrmian Darkness #2 Teleport to Terrmian Darkness #3 Teleport to Terrmian Darkness #4 Forgotten Cron's Red Elixir Forgotten Cron's Black Elixir Forgotten Cron's Blue Elixir Forgotten Cron's White Elixir Flute of Soft Light Water Imbued with the Energy of Blue Light Piece of Light Fragment Root of the Deep Sea Valencian Astrology - Revised Edition Valkyrie Textbook - Copy Recover 100 Energy Calpheon Plantation Wheat Unidentified Potion Bird-Hunting Matchlock Ripe Pumpkin Green Pumpkin Overripe Pumpkin Book of Elionism Doctrines Filtered Black Crystal Villagers' Signatures Worn Men's Gloves New Practice Wooden Sword Old Practice Wooden Sword Mediah Royalty Seal Dented Helmet Carefully Polished Necklace Pouch of Rough Gemstones Pouch of Seeds Medicinal Herb with Red Fruits Glish Commemorative Coin Bandit's Dagger Sharp Orc Tooth Serendia Kite with a Snapped String Extraction Mill Part Old Gloves Broken Bottle Fragment Fertilizer Sack Seaweed Rum Dark Beer High-Quality Wine Bottle of Red Soup Ancient Ruins Core Lost Florin Kite Bundle of Seaweed Token from a Fisher (Bottle Fragment) Pig Summoning Flute Hans Engraved Ring Weed from the Herb Garden Cord Khuruto Sentry Report Mark of Moretti Farm Token from a Fisher (Fertilizer Sack) Token from a Fisher (Washed-Up Laundry) Token from a Fisher (Ocean Glass) Ocean Glass Washed-Up Laundry Fruit Basket Relatively Fresh Fish Tame Raccoon Hungry Cat Naga Commander's Neck Ornament Delphe Knights' Insignia Dragon's Guard Tower Skull Ornament Fisher's Token Witch's Magic Amulet Leight Merchants Guild Order Order Confirmation (6 Servings of Lamb) Order Confirmation (3 Boxes of Potatoes) Order Confirmation (12 Bottles of Wine) A Letter from a Soldier Improved Shell Hearty Meal Newly Weaved Silk Green Herb Prancing Lamb Innes and Daria's Potion Bread for Peep Moon Pearl Pollen Stringy Herb Askasha's Broken Magic Weapon I Askasha's Broken Magic Weapon II Askasha's Broken Magic Weapon III Askasha's Repaired Magic Weapon Ardan's Broken Jewel I Ardan's Broken Jewel II Ardan's Broken Jewel III Ardan's Jewel Black Crystal Lump Miner's Rock Fragment