Dastard Bheg's Spike Dastard Bheg's Metal Chain Dastard Bheg's Shoes Dastard Bheg's Horned Helmet Titium's Crystal Ball Titium's Bandana Titium's Bell Titium's Amulet Muskan's Shoulder Armor Muskan's Gauntlets Muskan's Accessory Muskan's Iron Helmet Karanda's Bone Helmet Karanda's Plume Karanda's Talon Karanda's Head Quill Karanda's Nail Black Mane's Shield Black Mane's Club Black Mane's Beard Black Mane's Skull Ornament Black Mane's Molar Gehaku's Club Gehaku's Skull Helmet Gehaku's Waist Accessory Gehaku's Leg Protection Gehaku's Black Hair Dim Tree Spirit's Branch Hexe Marie's Hairband Hexe Marie's Necklace Hexe Marie's Belt Hexe Marie's Amulet Hexe Marie's Robe Al Rhundi's Helmet Al Rhundi's Gloves Al Rhundi's Armor Al Rhundi's Shoes Guard Tower Ruins Fragment Khuruto Chief's Necklace Orc Chief's Broken Staff Bandit Leader's Dagger Saunil Siege Captain's Orders Mad Scientist's Experiment Journal Root Nymph King's Tear Faust Forest Queen Stoneback Crab Fragment Eastern Balenos Treasure Map #1 Eastern Balenos Treasure Map #2 Eastern Balenos Treasure Map #3 Southern Serendia Secret Cave Map Piece #1 Southern Serendia Secret Cave Map Piece #2 Southern Serendia Secret Cave Map Piece #3 Damaged Old Document Marta Kiyen's Marvelous Powder Remains of the Bautt Lithograph Giant's Lightstone Powder Barattan's Statement Ancient Dwarf's Edana Token Ancient Giant's Edana Token Cartian's Token Mediah Seal Ancient Relic Crystal Shard Maehwa Seal Forbidden Book Wizard Stone Symbol-Engraved Black Bead Shimmering Spear Ancient Man's Heart Kibelius, the Ancient Spear Edana's Slate Fake Key to the Ruins Scroll Written in Ancient Language Mediah Seal Lake Jail Key Star Barnacle Ear Accessory. Decorative Matchlock Luxurious Decorative Necklace Eliza's Small Treasure Chest Star of Lake Diamond Golden Desert Coin Rabam's Storage Key Rabam's Journal Filthy Rag Map Afuaru's Storage Key Afuaru's Big Treasure Sack Red Monkey Year Awakened Red Nose Summon Scroll Piece Awakened Giath Summon Scroll Piece Awakened Bheg Summon Scroll Piece Awakened Muskan Summon Scroll Piece Awakened Dim Tree Spirit Summon Scroll Piece Awakened Hexe Marie Summon Scroll Piece Moghulis Awakening Scroll Piece Agrakhan Awakening Scroll Piece Puturum Awakening Scroll Piece Hunting Spring Gathering Spring Fishing Spring [Event] Contaminated Imp Captain Summon Scroll Piece Black Spirit's Claw Piece Day Week Year Valencia's Seal Assassin's Seal Margoria Treasure Map Piece Margoria Treasure Map Goldmont Pirate Golden Coin Lv. 25 Quest Lv. 35 Quest Lv. 45 Quest Quest for Lv. 55 and below Quests for Lv. 56 and up Honey Bean Sesame Awakened Ancient Relic Crystal Shard [Event] Forgotten Relic Helm Destroyer's Seal Marod Alom's Trace Report: Marod's Ninth Star [Event] Five-colored Rice Cake [Event] Beef Ribs [Event] Rich Broth T-bone Steak [Event] Pit-a-pat Fortune Cookie [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note [Event] Lucky Note Awakened Titium Summon Scroll Piece Awakened Saunil Siege Captain Summon Scroll Piece [Event] Fortune Cookie for Rookies Old Moon Trade Item Royal Bareeds Family's Treasure Royal Domongatt Family's Treasure