Cedar Plank Cedar Plywood Usable Scantling Soft Hide Tough Hide Hard Hide Thin Hide Thick Fur Fancy Reptile Skin Fine Soft Hide Fine Tough Hide Fine Hard Hide Fine Thin Hide Fine Thick Fur Fine Fancy Reptile Skin Elder Tree Sap Elder Tree Timber Elder Tree Plank Elder Tree Plywood Dried Mudskipper Dried Tuna Dried Beltfish Dried Flounder Dried Salmon Dried Amberjack Dried Porgy Dried Swellfish Dried Saurel Dried Rockfish Dried Squid Dried Octopus Dried Crab Dried Jellyfish Dried Shellfish Dried Carp Dried Crucian Carp Dried Trout Dried Catfish Dried Freshwater Eel Dried Snakehead Dried Cherry Salmon Dried Cuvier Dried Sunfish Dried Sea Bass Dried Angler Dried Swordfish Dried Mackerel Dried Flying Fish Dried Skipjack Dried Ray Dried Seahorse Dried Starfish Dried Filefish Dried Scorpion Fish Dried Mullet Dried Swiri Dried Sturgeon Dried Piranha Dried Mandarin Fish Dried Lenok Dried Arowana Dried Sweetfish Dried Terrapin Dried Bass Dried Crawfish Dried Dace Dried Bluegill Dried Perch Dried Notch Jaw Dried Mudfish Dried Goby Minnow Dried Bitterling Dried Bleeker Dried Yellowfin Sculpin Dried Cero Dried Sea Eel Dried Croaker Dried Greenling Dried Flatfish Dried Grunt Dried Herring Dried Sardine Dried Round Herring Dried Silver Stripe Round Herring Dried Whiting Dried Dolphinfish Dried Striped Catfish Dried Gunnel Dried Golden-Thread Dried Nibbler Dried Siganid Dried Bluefish Dried Surfperch Dried Blackfin Sweeper Dried Smokey Chromis Dried Maomao Dried Pintado Dried Gurnard Dried John Dory Dried Sandfish Dried Rosefish Dried Grouper Dried Bigeye Dried Fourfinger Threadfin Dried Leather Carp Dried Striped Shiner Dried Barbel Steed Dried Soho Bitterling Dried Bubble Eye Dried Pacu Dried Yellow-Head Catfish Dried Smelt Dried Rosy Bitterling Dried Roundtail Paradisefish Dried Grayling Dried Tapertail Anchovy Dried Kuhlia Marginata Dried Rock Hind Dried Butterflyfish Dried Clownfish Dried Blue Tang Dried Checkerboard Wrasse Dried Pomfret Fragrant Jerky Well-Dried Jerky Rare Jerky Ruby Resplendent Ruby Sapphire Resplendent Sapphire Topaz Resplendent Topaz Emerald Resplendent Emerald Diamond Resplendent Diamond Cotton Fabric Flax Fabric Silk Wool Trace of Chaos Trace of Despair Trace of Wave Trace of the Earth Trace of Ascension Trace of Savagery Trace of Origin Trace of Battle Trace of Hunting