Elion's Bless, Enslar #2 Elion's Bless, Enslar #3 Valkyrie's Quality, Sanctity Valkyrie's Quality, Protection Valkyrie's Quality, Paragon Miniature Elephant Home of Outlaws Exclusive Rights to Trade Route Market Prices in Shakatu's Territory Picky Noble Tastes Purio and Torio's Fish-Off Valencian Smoking Technique Deception Strategy Mystery Chest in an Underwater Cave Trees Are Scarce in Valencia Timber Supply Difficulties Kind Walagala Cornered Desert Naga Desert Naga Spy Porodonio on Fintomaria Lema Borne the Great Explorer Log Engraved on the Tombstone Debris from Katio Completed Map, Toward the Ancient Shrine Reluctantly Helping Katio I Reluctantly Helping Katio II Reluctantly Helping Katio III Ocean Lamps in the Trench Scripture-Engraved Brick Orisha Island Ruins Al Halam Reef Snow White Graveyard Usage of Coral Sophisticated Geography of Shasha Island Mysterious Underwater Cave Sailors Can't Stop Looking Back Underwater Exploration Teff Bread Freekeh Snake Stew Fig Pie Pistachio Fried Rice Teff Sandwich Date Palm Wine Couscous Grilled Scorpion King of Jungle Hamburg Valencia Meal Good Feed Organic Feed Beer Steak Fried Fish Steamed Fish Balenos Meal Serendia Meal Calpheon Meal Mediah Meal Stir-Fried Vegetables Grain Soup Fried Vegetables Fruit Juice Fruit and Vegetable Salad Fruit Pudding Soft Bread Oatmeal Exotic Herbal Wine Milk Tea Fruit Pie Meat Pie Honeycomb Cookie Cheese Pie Omelet Seafood Pasta Meat Stew Meat Sandwich Meat Pasta Smoked Fish Steak Fish Soup Seafood Mushroom Salad Stir-Fried Seafood Seafood Grilled with Butter Dark Pudding Fish Fillet Salad Meat Soup Lean Meat Salad Stir-Fried Meat Grilled Sausage Knight Combat Rations Tea With Fine Scent Ham Sandwich Fruit Wine Pickled Vegetables Cheese Gratin Boiled Bird Eggs Fried Bird Meat Croquette Steamed Seafood Steamed Bird Pure Iron Crystal Pure Lead Crystal Pure Copper Crystal Pure Tin Crystal Pure Zinc Crystal Pure Silver Crystal Pure Gold Crystal Pure Platinum Crystal Blood Ruby Ocean Sapphire Gold Topaz Forest Emerald Star Diamond Sturdy Ash Plywood Sturdy Maple Plywood Sturdy Pine Plywood Sturdy Birch Plywood Sturdy Fir Plywood Sturdy Cedar Plywood Supreme Soft Hide Supreme Tough Hide Supreme Hard Hide Supreme Thin Hide Supreme Thick Fur Supreme Fancy Reptile Skin Supreme Lightweight Plume Supreme Fancy Feather Legendary Beast's Blood Tyrant's Blood Clown's Blood Sinner's Blood Wise Man's Blood Oil of Regeneration Oil of Storms Oil of Fortitude Oil of Corruption Oil of Tranquility Inorganic Fertilizer Byproduct Fertilizer Organic Fertilizer Aloe Yogurt Aloe Cookie Honey Wine Sute Tea Fish Fillet Chips Assorted Side Dishes Lizard Kebab Borscht Desert Dumpling Pickled Fish Magic Crystal of Infinity - Precision