ID: 721044
Specter's Energy
KR name: 망령의 기운
icon General
Weight: 0.30 LT

Bound when obtained
– Description:
The energy of a rather unstable specter that haunts the Thornwood Forest.
Spirits that were burned by Sephir's Ahibs will never find eternal slumber due to Turasil's influence. Bound forever to the Thornwood Forest, they give off Grim Energy as they wander the lands.
Buy price: 300,000,000
Sell price: 30,000,000
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Darkhawk 2-07-2020 17:08

Wth is this for?

Kiriak 2-07-2020 17:37

Used in the Blackstar Armor related quest:
[Blackstar Armor] Specter's Energy.


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