Absolute: Charged Stub Arrow Absolute: Charged Stub Arrow Noble Vow Guard Shield Counter Just Counter I Just Counter II Just Counter III Flurry of Kicks I Flurry of Kicks II Flurry of Kicks III Ultimate: Flurry of Kicks Flying Kick I Flying Kick II Flow: Double Flying Kick Shield Push Shining Dash Sword of Judgment I Sword of Judgment II Sword of Judgment III Sword of Judgment IV Shield Chase I Shield Chase II Shield Chase III Divine Power I Divine Power II Divine Power III Divine Power IV Ultimate: Divine Power Heaven's Echo I Heaven's Echo II Heaven's Echo III Charging Slash I Charging Slash II Charging Slash III Righteous Charge I Righteous Charge II Righteous Charge III Ultimate: Righteous Charge Skyward Strike I Skyward Strike II Skyward Strike III Glaring Slash I Glaring Slash II Glaring Slash III Glaring Slash IV Glaring Slash V Breath of Elion I Breath of Elion II Breath of Elion III Celestial Spear I Celestial Spear II Celestial Spear III Celestial Spear IV Elion's Blessing Ultimate: Sword of Judgment Ultimate: Sharp Light Judgment of Light I Judgment of Light II Judgment of Light III Ultimate: Celestial Spear Punishment I Punishment II Punishment III Punishment IV Ultimate: Punishment Vow of Trust I Vow of Trust II Vow of Trust III Flow: Spinning Shield Flow: Sharp Counter Valkyrie Slash I Valkyrie Slash II Valkyrie Slash III Valkyrie Slash IV Valkyrie Slash V Valkyrie Slash VI Valkyrie Slash VII Valkyrie Slash VIII Valkyrie Slash IX Valkyrie Slash X Forward Slash I Forward Slash II Forward Slash III Severing Light I Severing Light II Severing Light III Severing Light IV Ultimate: Severing Light Evasion Shield Throw I Shield Throw II Sideways Cut I Sideways Cut II Sideways Cut III Sharp Light I Sharp Light II Sharp Light III Sharp Light IV Counter I Counter II Counter III Shield Strike I Shield Strike II Shield Strike III Awakening: Holy Lancia Noble Spirit Lancia Training I Lancia Training II Lancia Training III Lancia Training IV Lancia Training V Lancia Training I Lancia Training II Lancia Training III Lancia Training IV Lancia Training V Purificatione I Purificatione II Purificatione III Castigatio I Castigatio II Castigatio III Castigatio IV Strong Defense Sacrum Ferit I Sacrum Ferit II Sacrum Ferit III Sacrum Ferit IV Wave of Light Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae I Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae II Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae III Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae IV Hastiludium I Hastiludium II Hastiludium III Sanctitas de Enslar I Sanctitas de Enslar II Sanctitas de Enslar III Blitz Stab Ultimate: Blitz Stab Death Line Chase Flow: Lucem Fluxum Flow: Breath of Elion Terra Sancta Flow: Revelation Sanctus Promptness Breath of Heaven