Shady Rumors Big Deal Awakened Artifacts Scripture-Engraved Brick Yet Another Discovery of Ancient Ruins An Interesting Story The Reality A Previous Civilization Following Ancient Footsteps In Search of the Lady’s Kingdom Coral’s Grave Technicolor Coral Reef The Sophisticated Geography of Shasha Island Underwater Cave Scarlet Sand Chamber Ancient Kutum’s Movements Ancient Kutum Described in Ancient Records Kutum’s Latent Aura Talia, a Rookie Alchemist Stealing Cactus Flowers in the Desert I Like How You Work Gotta Fix My Farming Tools How Dare You! A Gourmand’s Quest My Knees Are Acting Up... A Custom-Made Safe A Special Decoration Safe Delivery [Guild] Gathering everyone’s strength [Guild] Gathering strength once again [Guild] Our Guild’s Capability [Guild] I Have a Dream When the Golden Star rises on the Southern Sky Attitude of the Aalans preparing for pilgrimage Following the Footsteps of Aalan Fast and Pray Obedience to Aal Let Go of Your Greed and Abstain Share with thy neighbors Draw away from the corrupt Stay on alert against arrogance Don't Slack Off The Birthplace of Aal Well Prepared Paradise to quench the thirst Fisher in the middle of the desert Nothing’s free in this world, queek! Reawakened remnant of the ancient civilization Those that threaten the pilgrims Rumbling Sand Dune Message to the Katan Army Pila Ku’s Helper Among the madness and chaos Subdue to Unrest Power of Gold [Guild] Elastic Palm Plywood [Guild] Insulating Vanadium Ingot [Guild] Sweet Fig Can you lend a hand? Intriguing Story On a Lion Hide [Daily] Marod Alom’s Trace Secret of the Flying Spear Secret Power of the Pep Music Evidence of Ohonsey? Checking on the Bashims [Daily] Hostile Tribe [Co-op] Punishment to Heretics: Destroying the Axe [Co-op] Punishment to Heretics: Breaking the Bow [Co-op] Punishment to Heretics: No Mercy [Co-op] Kill Their Last Hope! [Co-op] Till the Last Grain of Wheat... [Co-op] Demibeast Monsters [Daily] Redeeming Our Land Do You See That? Right There! Long! Sticky! Stinky! We've Got a Way Out of Here! Don't Just Leave! The Waragon Boss is Here! [Co-op] That Glittering Stuff [Co-op] The Hidden Antidote [Co-op] Don't Forget the Tiny Ones, Too! [Co-op] No Hope, Only Revenge [Co-op] Peace to My Friends... [Daily] Unsubdued Grudge Reporting the Situation in Pila Fe [Co-op] Collecting Evidences of the Raid on the Merchant Guild Rescue the Captive Destroying the Cadry Summoning Stone Collecting the Prize Money [Daily] You Wanna Tango? The Uncouth Ones Preying On the Camp First Target, Rifleman Second Target, Assassin Third Target, Plunderer Last Target, Elite Bandits Out! May God Be With You, My Dear Friend... [Daily] Subduing the Force What the Argoses Are Really Thinking Learning with Your Body Ominous Energy from Obsidian Evidence of Sacrifice at the Altar Shaking Up the Argoses [Daily] Fuming Frenzy Enemy! Desert Naga! Nightmare Axe That Slayed Countless Fogans Naga Combat Priest's Staff Naga Vice Captain's Horn Helmet Naga Extermination [Daily] Disruption Enemy! Desert Fogan! Nightmare Spear That Impaled Countless Nagas Hunting Dog, Fogan Hoppity Desert Fogan Seer's Ball Desert Fogan's Food Loot Fogan Extermination [Daily] Deep Grudge Aal! Please Let Our Pilgrimage Be Safe... Wacky Totem [Daily] Manure Delivery [Daily] Delivering the Miscellany from the Oasis [Daily] Deliver Camel Feed [Daily] Box Full of Water Bottles [Daily] Sack of Figs [Daily] Materials for Wagon Repair [Daily] Mediahn Coal Cart Defeat Pride of Lions Is That Root on the Camel's Head? Carpet in the Water [Daily] Balm Cart Drive [Daily] Weapon Bundle Delivery [Daily] Requesting a Repair for Broken Items Light Illuminating the Bazaar Trace of Ati Danas Kanadja Mos Ati Danas of Capotia Ancient Aal's Altar Memories of Rune Gateway Fork Why There's an Oasis in Shakatu Legend of the Iris Canyon Traditional Ritual for Abundance and Rain The Royal Palace of Valencia Dangerous Parasite Bats Outside the Cave Arehaza Town Palm Forest Boy I Palm Forest Boy II