Annoying Jellyfish Water Strider Mystery Catfishman Identity Roccio's Dispatch Show Your Abilities Stop the Overfishing Catfishman Total War My Old Friends A Taste of Mud Invisible Special Fish Need Sliced Fish This is Great! Rhutums' Threat Who are the Rhutums? Powerful Rhutums Weapon Production Report Lumbering Field Experience Who's Not Working? Sunrise Herb for Hangovers Worse Than an Ogre Young Treant Tree Timber An Ornament Worth Something Serbianca of Trent Augusta the Innkeeper Decorating Augusta's Inn Furniture Dealer Mayeri Mayeri's Concern A Wooden Sword is Weak Suspicious Treant Spirit Root Treant is the Best Medicine Trent Worker Experience? Better Work Longleaf Tree Sentry Post Nelydormin's Request Cooperation with Sayena Sayena's Suggestion Crio and the Elf Crie's Doubt Crioville's Situation Undecided Dilemma To Behr Behr Town Hunter 1 Dark and Dreary Forest Witches’ Forest Finally, a Clue Gotcha, Rascal! High Priest's Request Complete Written Permission to Use the Port Terrified Hunter Checking in on Colleagues Empty Hut Find Traces of Black Magic The Last Quarry Safe Trip A Spell Under the Witch Tower Confirm the Rumor Deep in Hexe Sanctuary Lover's Well-Being Witch's Cauldron Intact Bone Herb Thieves! Decorations for Furniture Root of Darkness? Attacking Bats Wounded Soldiers’ Revenge Are Red Boars a Problem, Queek? Ghost Amulet Father's Sword Last Regard for a Friend Hunter's Token Warrior's Ornament Precious Bone Chip Where Have All the Hunters Gone? Finding a Usable Bow Being a Great Hunter Onto a Winner T-That Root is Good The Secret of That Sound? Texture of Weasel Fur Recent Popular Item A Mind to Decorate Is it a Human or a Tree? Twin Treant Core T-Threatening Red B-Bear! Till M-Master Comes Rhutums' Defense Buildings An Eye for an Eye and Some Teeth Destroy the Cannon Hang Spoils of War to Plant Fear Death to Elites Death to Support Troops T-They Harass Us They're Too Much, Even with Cannons Catfishmen are Tasty! The Stench Makes Me Want to Die Restoring a Hunter’s Health Need to Deliver Deer Hide Too... Emergency Food for the Next Hunt Fire Flake Flowers for Traps Young Red Boar Hide Fight Poison with Poison! A Herb to Cure Not Enough Pine Trees... I Need Cedar Sap! Please Get Me Some Fir Planks... Logs! More Logs! Behr Timber Support! Ogre Axes Escape from Crisis Amazing Tree Art Processing Wood with Fire Pride of Behr The Best Hide [Repeat] Hunting Skeletons [Repeat] Hunting Skeleton Warriors and Archers [Repeat] Hunting Skeleton Wolves [Repeat] Hunting Skeleton Lizards [Repeat] Hunting Owls and Young Treants [Repeat] Hunting Twin-Headed Treants [Repeat] Hunting Scream Treants [Repeat] Hunting Root Treants [Repeat] Hunting Old Tree Treants Find the Fearless Cat Lost Piglets [Chase #1] The Endlessly Running Kuku Bird [Chase #2] Chasing Contaminated Villagers [Chase #3] Unbridled Cow [Urgent Chase] Cursed Test Subject A Narrow Chimney Troublesome Carpenters Insufficient Delivery! I Don’t Like the Carpenter Timber for Calpheon Giant's Wardrobe [Repear] Defeat Monsters in Hexe Sanctuary Leaping Over Rhutums Elites [Gathering Advancement Lv37] Old Tree Bed [Gathering Advancement Lv40] Legally Platinum Becker's Ominous Information Investigate Hexe Sanctuary [Repeat] Hexe Sanctuary Analysis Bacho Ladericcio's Rumor Identifying Shadow Nature [Repeat] Ring of Sealed Magical Power [EXC] Earring of Sealed Magical Power Exchange [EXC] Ring of Sealed Magical Power Exchange [EXC] Earring of Concentrated Magical Power Exchange