[Gathering Lv29] Trouble at the Farm IV [Cooking Lv26] I Can Never Forget! [Cooking Lv27] Why Meat? [Cooking Lv28] Health Food for Workers [Cooking Lv29] I Miss the Sea [Cooking Lv31] Bird Meat Cuisine [Trading Lv. 31] New Luxury Item in the Market [Trading Lv. 34] A Moment of Relaxation [Trading Lv. 37] Behr Sausage is the Best! [Trading Lv. 40] Medicines to Save Lives Pirates That Threaten Calpheon Trina Marine Knights To Lema Island Where Are the Marine Knights? Missing Merchant Ship Finding Traces for Killi Why Cox Pirates Became Stronger Man Who Studied Monsters Cox Pirates’ Lair Monsters among the Pirates Trophy Report Soldier from Lema Island Dichzy Borne's Reward Immature Kid It's Part of My Job... A Taste of the Cox Pirates Removing Pirate Flags Rescuing the Merchant Fleet Treasure Hunter's Trophy One Goal: Pirate's Treasure Demoralization of Cox Pirates Cox Pirate's Pouch Pirate Island Extermination #1 Pirate Island Extermination #2 [Daily] Need Fresh Milk! Ever-joyful Garnier Nomad Troupe Tree of Rich Echo Ore of Frail Voice Accidental Masterpiece Karanda’s Latent Aura Supplying the Delphe Knights [Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness [Boatman Promotion] The Man and the Sea I [Boatman Promotion] The Dwarf and the Sea I [Boatman Promotion] The Goblin and the Sea I [Boatman Promotion] The Giant and the Sea I [Boatman Promotion] The Man and the Sea II [Boatman Promotion] The Dwarf and the Sea II [Boatman Promotion] The Goblin and the Sea II [Boatman Promotion] The Giant and the Sea II Novice Adventurer A Cranky Captain and a Sweet Aide Death Squad of the Wilderness Man-Hunting Trolls Trolls on the ground, Humans above Trina’s Supply System Through the attacks Sage's Advice Master of the Trina Knights [Guild] Thin Fir Plywood [Guild] Savagery Tin Ingot [Guild] Hardened Coal [Daily] Epheria's Best Sailor [Daily] Small Worry of a Castaway [Daily] Big Worry of a Castaway [Daily] Glittering Worry of a Castaway [Daily] Business with Falasi Family Unidentifiable Fish A Margorian Shark? Pavino Greko's Knowledge Vell's Fragment, Lopters Giant Vell's Threat Mrs. Leight’s Letter of Introduction The Kindness of Elina Leight Material in an Order What I Can Do Goodwife of the Batians Power of Women Balker's Idol A Talk with Elion Head of the Batians Choir Supporters Request Seeking Support From Nobility Faulty Shield One-Day Workshop Experience Check Out Iron Ore Magnetite in Storage Workshop Forge Workshop Refining Technique Finished Goods Delivery Apprentice Manager Certificate Report Illegal Transactions An Old Lady's Means of Living Price Comparison Check the Market Street Lucky Well Workshop Staff Paul's Wife Anne's Faith A Figurehead Citizen Representative Please Find Myao Market Trouble The Calpheon Bell For What Does the Bell Toll? Crisis in Kalis Check the Antique Informant Contact Running an Errand Give the Password Search Elina Leight's Office The Way to the Drug Big Success in the Big City Lazy Deliveryman Bring Silkworm Cocoons Workshop Carpenter Bring Equipment Calpheon Illegal Propaganda Leaflets Forbidden Prank Flower Garden in the City Fruit Basket For Rubin New Novel Bring a Water Bottle Desperate Request for Help Lost Hope Blasphemy A Bit of Mercy Kristina's Request Recommendations from Merchants Developing a New Menu Rations from the Wheat Plantation Prancing Lamb Calpheon Redemption Statue Cure-All Vegetable Shop Errand A Port Keeper’s Request A Port Keeper’s Pressure The Carrot and Stick Fabric Delivery Jealousy is My Strength Wine Delivery for the Banquet Unusual Student Hard-to-Get Herb Reproductivity of Rabbits Happily Ever After Valkyrie Techniques: Intermediate The Valkyrie Legend Problem Students Medicine Made by Students Moon Pearl